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New Hampshire

WTF Friday

I know it's a crazy week, but I bet we could get some good stories this time...  Yell

Re: WTF Friday

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    My WTF is ... How can someone who steals my identity and get confess that she did it get away with it. The police are telling us that the statute of limitations is up on it and therefore there is nothing they can do, well Im hiring a lawyer so we will see about that. This is the most rediculas thing I have ever had to deal with and I still come out with the short end of the stick... 

    My 2nd WTF is Thanksgiving dinner with DH's family was supposed to be at noon, well when 2:00 came around and we were just sitting down to eat I told DH that we were STILL leaving at 2:30 for my sisters house. I dont care if your family doesn't have its sh*t together and cant eat when they say they are going to. 
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    My WTF is that not only was I the only one in the department today, but my boss and a co-worker, who both said to call them if there are any issues with our new website, that they would be available all day with their cell phones, did not answer OR call me back when I've got people breathing down my neck about problems. WTF?

    Also, I found a condo that I am really excited about today adn we are going to check out this weekend. It's a super low price, yet because ONE of my school loan payments is $652 a month, we still are barely missing the approval for the small cost of this condo. WTF!
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    When your daughter tells me she wants a $15 board game for Christmas, please don't e-mail me to let me know another family member bought it and suggest I purchase a $70 gift instead!!
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    Black Friday + Kids = Disaster

    There is absolutely NO reason a 10-12 year-old girl should be running (yes, as in full out sprinting) through a store unless she is in danger. When you are giggling, I assume you are not in danger.

    I may have had baby fever after seeing FI's nephew yesterday, but holy moly that mall cured me like nothing else. Those parents need to get a hold of their children!
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