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April 2010 Weddings

Another weird wedding dream!

Jessy's post reminded me of the goofy dream I had last night.  I dreamt that we were at MOH's sister's house in Sterling Heights (about a 45 minute drive from me) having our make up done early in the morning and because of this we missed our hair appointmnets.

Re: Another weird wedding dream!

  • Nice!  I had a dream where my make-up artist got to my aunt's house and said that she could only do 2 people because she didn't have more time than that!!

    I'll be glad when all of these dreams are over!
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  • LOL!  Not another one!  I haven't had any wedding dreams yet but I'm a little worried since I have a very vivid imagination. 

  • Well, I think the biggest doozy was where FI's psycho ex and her husband showed up to my parents' house the day of the wedding dressed up in biker gear.  LOL

    Or there was also the one where I was shopping for shoes at the last minute, then had to hurry home.  Godmother was doing my hair and my make up hadn't even been started yet when the limo pulled up to take us to the church.  Or how about the time where our church was inside a Borders bookstore and I had on a felt wedding dress and had to run down the street and buy a veil, and also had to go to Michaels and buy one red rose for each BM because I forgot flowers.
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