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September 2010 Weddings

Ugh!! Why are people so stupid?! vent/paging **aviewfromheaven**

So I call back this tuxedo place that we decided not to go with... (Rach - it's the same place as your ex-DJ) and the woman was being so freakin' retarded and making this wway more complicated than it needed to be. We decided to go with a different tux place (let's call it FD) because FI liked a different design but he likes the color of the vest at this moron place (let's call it LT).  Well FD tuxes only goes as small as 4T and my two ringbearers are smaller than that so I called LT and found out they go to 3T and you can buy a tux as small as 3 months. Perfect.

Well the woman at LT called and said she had questions for me so I call back and she basically is saying that the RB have to come in and get fitting since the designers vary in sizes. I said can't they just come in a few days before and do it cause I don't care what kind of tux they wear as long as the tux is black with a white vest. But all she kept saying was why wasn't the FD doing it and how she doesn't understand why it can't be ordered from FD. Seriously, stop questioning why the other place can't do it and freakin' help me order stuff from you! You're making money off of me so stop questioning it!!!

The convo was much longer and going around in circles and I don't even know how it ended. I just called FI afterwards and said I hate you for making me deal the tux place because you took too damn long to call them back. I'm done with them YOU deal with it!

Re: Ugh!! Why are people so stupid?! vent/paging **aviewfromheaven**

  • Yeah, make FI do it!!! Tongue out
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  • hahaha!  omg i cant believe you went there for tuxes!  that totally sucks how dumb she is and she really shouldnt be talking the way she is about the other place.  i hope you get it all figured out.  Or see if the other place could order the larget size and then alter it down for the RB. 
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