Could this have been a mistake.....

Hello Ladies I am having a dillema with my wedding venue ... I set up a meeting with the facilities wedding cordinator in January and our meeting went great.I loved the place and felt like it was right, we left off at her saying she would talk to the chef for the actual cost per plate, she said she would get back to me by february 7th when the chef comes back from vacation. I left with the impression that this would be an easy process... Soo February 10,11,20th rolled around so I emailed her, and heard not a word back. So i waited a few days and I called her in March and she said she was leaving on maternity leave and was training her replacement ..WOW right! She said she would get back to me so I can drop off the deposit with the replacement... still waiting for that call its now April! Im feeling very discouraged and feeling alone that this time should be worry free.. I dont know how to handle this situation .. PLEASE HELP with suggestions.. this is getting dragging.

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    When is the wedding??  Maybe if it's too far out still, they don't let you book it or something??
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    I don't know when your wedding is but I would sure hold on to that deposit money until you get your questions answered clearly and feel very comfortable with what's going on (and who you're dealing with- replacement or not!).  If you can't get answers from this lady going on maternity leave then I'd go to the manager/owner of the facility (depending on your venue) and explain your lack of communication and your concerns.  This should be a wake up call since they shouldn't want to lose all the money you're going to spend at their place.  If you don't get some decent customer service at that point I'd consider looking elsewhere.

    Also, ask if there are previous brides who you could talk to.  I don't know if places typically do that, but I think if it's a good facility they might give you some "references" from previous couples.  That could quell any doubts if it truly is just a hiccup in timing with the woman going on maternity leave.
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    Call and talk with her Replacement, or her boss. Since she wont be around to do anything, no need to go through her at all now. I'd talk with the replacement, since she's the one you'd be dealing with. Maybe she has better work ethics and customer service skills. Good luck.
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