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Desperate for a Catholic Priest

My FI and I want to get married in the chapel at Academy of the Sacred Heart in NOLA but they will not sign a contract until we find an officiant. Neither of us are from this part of Louisiana and we are not partial to his home church Priest (due to his previous views of us living together). Does anyone know of a Catholic Priest that I could contact from the New Orleans diocese (they have not returned any of our attempts to contact them directly to ask)?

We really need the help!!

Re: Desperate for a Catholic Priest

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    I've heard great things about Fr. Anthony Rigoli the pastor of St. Jude's Shrine.
    He gets booked for weddings really early, so you need to call asap. I think the number is 504-525-1551. If you leave a message, he'll call you back.
    Good Luck!
  • Fr. Mike Mitchell from OLDP in Metairie.  He has been wonderful to work with and is very down to earth.  He gives counsel without sounding "preachy" at all and we love to attend his masses.  My FI and I live together as well and I don't remember him saying anything at all about it.  He just asked bc if we do there's a special portion of the foccus test we have to complete and that was it. 
  • I second the recommendation for Fr. Tony. We love him and couldn't have asked for a better priest for our wedding. Good luck in finding someone!
  • Try Fr. Terry Becnel who is the pastor at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Norco.  Phone number there is 985-764-6503.  Secretary is Mrs. Carole Bravo and she is a sweetheart.
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    Father Steve Bruno, in charge of Vocations for the Archdiocese (I would call him at the Vocations office).  Since he's in charge of Vocations, he is busy, but he doesn't have the typical wedding schedule as other priests, so you will have more flexibility in choosing a date with him.  He married a couple I know, and they were living together before they got married (they still have people that rave about the homily he gave at their wedding, it wasn't the typical Catholic wedding homily).  There is another section on the FOCCUS test he will have you take if you're living together.
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