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Lauxmont Farms?

I'm getting married June 13 at Lauxmont Farms, and I'm just wondering if anyone else is/has gotten married there. How is it?  I chose the Sunken Garden for my spot.  I'm also using all of the sister's services (photography, florist, lighting design).  I think it's going to be a wonderful day.

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Re: Lauxmont Farms?

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    I went to Lauxmont Farms to tour for a potential venue for our reception, but once I toured, I was very turned off by it.  I do not like at all that there could be 4 people's receptions/ceremonies going on at the exact same time.  I've heard paking is a nightmare, and people wander from location to location.  You should search the boards... I asked a few months ago, and everyone gave me such negative information and views about it that I was scared.  I also didn't like fact that we all smelled musty once we left... but that was the Rotunda.  It was freezing cold when we toured, and it had rained, so the area was a big sloppy mess!

    On the other hand, Sunken Gardens was my favorite of the places that we saw... we saw all four and I liked that and the Rotunda, just couldn't see spending that much money for not being 100% happy.

    Also, I am using Katy for my photobooth at my wedding, even though I'm not using Lauxmont.
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    So apparently that didn't work.  It's on page 4, in the middle/more towards the bottom of the page.
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    Thanks for the link lady, but I don't think the reviews were too bad for that post.  Thankfully, it is within my price range.  I've heard great things and bad things, but what I do know is that people can always find something to complain about! Tongue out
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    I completely agree.  There are always going to be pros and cons about it.  I think the site is beautiful, but it just was really expensive.  We thought we were paying for the view.  We would have chosen the Rotunda, and we didn't like that we would have to decorate it all ourself, but the Sunken Garden was beautiful since it was outside
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    We toured it, it was our second choice. The location was so beautiful. I was nervous about rain, and having to find our own caterer and all the details that are involved with that. Several of my friends did get married there and their pictures are gorgeous. I'm sure your wedding will be so pretty!
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    I had a friend get married there.  It was beautiful, but she hated how much she had to take care of especially in terms of renting trash cans and taking the trash out herself.  Now I think she tried to cut corners, so I would make sure your caterer is willing to do that for you.
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    Thanks ladies! :)
  • psuxray07psuxray07
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    I'm getting married at Lauxmont Farms in the Rotunda (didn't smell musty lol)  but they don't do heating/ac until needed...and seems to be in the middle of remodeling.  Now, we didn't tour the whole place b/c our wedding is in winter, so our ceremony and reception will be in the Rotunda, but the pictures of the other venues there are BEAUTIFUL.  We're probably going with their florist and decorator too, but the photography was too expensive.   But honestly, I think your wedding will be amazing!  The Sunken Garden is popular.  I hope the day turns out great for you!
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    Thank you so much, and I hope the same for you! :)  Congrats!
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