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July 2010 Weddings

July 30th Bride-I'm Married!

I will post photos when I have them, but I just want to reiterate what the other married ladies have said.

I was married 7/30 and it was a complete, stressful blur.  Everything that could have gone wrong (except for rain-thank God for no rain) went wrong but it didn’t matter much.  I mean, so what that my dress was a tad too big and my hair fell.  Or that the preacher forgot we wrote our own vows to take in addition to the traditional ones and that he introduced us as MrLastName Hyphen MsLastName instead of just MrLastName.  I also have no concept how the wedding went.  To me, it was completely chaotic and stressful. I honestly thought it was a terrible wedding until my guests started telling me it was beautiful and they loved it.

BUT at the end of the day, we were married and the other details didn’t matter much. It is true what the married ladies say-things will go wrong so just let them go.  Enjoy your day and remember you are starting a marriage, not planning a wedding event.

The honeymoon also had ups and downs-American Airlines almost prevented us from taking our luggage on our cruise because they LOST it, but they found it in time. Also, it was overcast a lot on our cruise and they canceled one of our excursions, but we still had a fabulous time and took over 650 photos.  Ha!

I’ll post photos and then my vendor reviews on the OK Board, but I’m back, and I’m MARRIED! Just wanted to share. As always, thanks for listening and for all of the advice!!

Re: July 30th Bride-I'm Married!

  • Congrats. I was also married on July 30th and had a few things go wrong also. My hair wasnt done the same way as it was during the trial and I had to fix it, the flowers that were supposed to be pale yellow roses were a darker yellow, we were all rushing around to get ready til the last minute. Then we get to the church and the flower girls dont have their baskets as they walk down the aisle and no one knows where they are. At the park for pictures my husband it worried its taking too long and were gonna miss the cocktail hour. Then our limo driver doesnt seem to know where hes going.

    We finally get to the hotel and have to try to bustle my dress which is complicated but we finally get it and make it to cocktail hour which flies by. The rest of the evening seemed to go pretty well except there were 4 no shows.

    So hearing that someone else also had things go wrong on their day makes me not feel as bad about things going wrong on my wedding day.
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