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K- I'm going to have to look into the rosette maker! I threw away my pizzelle maker a few years ago cause it broke. I'm really nostalgic for homemade pizzelles now too, I might have to pick up another maker!

Andrea- glad you are getting the kitchen together I can't wait to see pictures! Hoping you and A made up from your spat yesterday!

Last night was tough but thankfully I had some crazy ladies that I worked with so it was a bit more bareable working with them! This morning I had to peel myself out of bed. Thursday the mall closes at 10pm and Friday morning is going to be pretty bad for me coming into work.
P picked up the ornaments last night and he is so-so about his. Him and the glass maker tried to make a black and gold swirl ornament and the glass guy said he had never tried it before so it could go either way. I think it turned out pretty but the colors aren't black and gold more like a blue, black and clearish swirl. Mine is red swirl with a green top. I'll upload the pictures when I get home.

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Re: 12-12-12

  • morning girls! happy hump day. apparently today is a big day for getting married! i wonder if TK has a lot of 12-12 brides ... i may go lurk over there! :)
    still in my grinchy mood. nothing is really wrong i'm just feeling kind of blah about it. i really don't know why. we have our decorations up, the shopping is basically done, but i'm just not feeling it. oh well, maybe it will hit me soon!
    i've got to make plans to fly back to maryland in january. i'm looking forward to it, it'll be good to get my face in the office and i get to see my BF as an added bonus. it's like 5 weeks away -- hard to believe that by then, christmas and the bowl game will be over!
    Ashley- those ornaments sound pretty cool to me! I do not envy your working at the mall right now.
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    Glad you have crazy coworkers at YC that make work more fun, Ash.

    So, today has been declared Aaron Rodgers Day in WI (he is #12 for the Packers and their QB).  Many workplaces are encouraging employees to wear Packer gear and donate $12 to Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (a fav charity of Aaron's).  I do not own any Packers gear, so I am in normal "civilian" attire.

    Not much else going on.  I am enjoying the calm and normalcy.  Who knows how long it will last.
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  • Happy Hump Day!

    Not much going on over here. Cooked dinner last night, and made tags for the scrubs. Hopefully tonight, I can get my eyebrows threaded and actually make the scrub mixture. Other than that, people are being pesty at work and I'm looking forward to the weekend.

    Ashley- I've never had a pizelle or rosette, I think I may have been deprived. Boo, P didn't like his ornament... it sounds cool. Hang in there, the craziness is almost over.
    Lisa- Woohoo for getting to go back home and visiting family and friends next month! Let us know what you find out should you decide to go through with your lurking.
    K- You don't own Packer attire? Even I have a jersey! I will mention it to DH, perhaps we will donate to the good cause. Enjoy the calm and quiet while it lasts :)
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