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Odd question to as you all but....

So  you would think I would know what to get my own brother as a gift (he is a groomsmen so Im asking on behalf of my fiance) BUT I have NO clue.  Brief description of my brother-think out of the box!

1.  For the past several months he has been living in a hostel in Nicaragua.  He is a traveler  but more of the laid back, non-materialistic go with the flow kind of guy- has minimal belongings and prefers it that way so keep his spur of the moment trips easy.
2.  Doesnt have an apt in the states....crashes with my parents when he is back in town (Town= The US.). Doesnt have a car, not in to sports, clothes, or anything like that.
3.  Only coming home for my wedding then supposedly off to Europe for more boucing around.   Probably will think my wedding is excessive, he is a minimilst for sure.

Thats him in a super small nutshell- I adore him, look up to him and wish I had his gusto!  Now...that being said, any creative thoughts on what to get the guy who really doesnt want anything to say 'thank you" and "love you"?

Re: Odd question to as you all but....

  • How about a fancy compass?  He likes to travel, so he may like that.

  • I would go with either something consumable (is he into wine? whiskey?) or something he can use for traveling. Try to figure out if he needs or could use anything. If he is a backpack-around kind of guy and it is in the budget, maybe a new backpack or something?

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    Or even better....a backpack with some whiskey inside!  ;)

    ETA:  and definitely the compass....he may need it after he gets into the whiskey.

    Seriously though, all of those are great ideas


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    What about a gift card for a restaurant he likes while he is visiting? I also like the travel ideas. There are some really neat travel backpacks, money belts, etc. that he might find useful. I'd check out some travel shops or stuff from a guide like Rick Steeves. Depending on your budget, a camera might be good, too.
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    [QUOTE]Or even better....a backpack with some whiskey inside!  ;) ETA:  and definitely the compass....he may need it after he gets into the whiskey. Seriously though, all of those are great ideas
    Posted by OBX2011[/QUOTE]

    Everything's better with whiskey.  Even bacon!  XD

    I like the idea of something useful for traveling.  If you don't know of anything he needs, a gift certificate to a store with traveling/outdoor supplies would probally be apprecated.  And if you want to give something personal, maybe engrave something?  A compass or some other tool?

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  • Unlocked cell phone (can use different sim cards for where he's at)
    pre-paid credit cards

    I used to know a bunch of backpackers, but that was in college. Good luck!

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  • Backpack, new shoes, gift certificate for hostel booking (is HostelWorld any good?), camera, iTunes or Amazon gift card to buy music or ebooks, travel pillow, noise-canceling headphones, wristwatch, sunglasses, passport case or an IOU that you'll pay for his next passport renewal, plug adaptors, sleep sack, USB drive, a nice traveling hat or jacket, travel hammock, sleeping bag, Swiss Army knife, good-quality socks and gloves, water bottle, travel umbrella, boot dryers, small radio, tool kit or First Aid kit, flashlight, donation to a charity he supports
  • OMG you girls are great!  Im going to def check out EMS or one of those stores- I totally blanked on that one but thanks again!!!  Yay...Im getting married three weeks from Friday, one more check I can mark off!
  • Eurorail Pass if he is going to Europe.

    I went to Europe after college and my Dad got me a really nice, leather bound travel journal.  It was great.  In addition to having blank pages to write on, it had maps and other useful travel information e.g. currency conversion, world time, etc.
  • i wAS GUNNA SAY A backpack or something like compass engraved for him like groomsmen ur dat of wedding or if he does like whislkey they have flasks as well
  • if he's going to Europe directly after,you could buy him a membership to YHA, a chain of youth hostels that gives members discounts on nights and I think other perks (though it's been a while since I looked into them so may want to double-check).
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