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what a week and its not friday yet?

Im really upbeat, but dang what a week its been! Monday worst cramps EVER and Aunt Flo opened the flood gates, oh, and our drier broke and the service man cane come until May 12....yay....Tuesday morning wake up at 2 AM with rivaled worst cramps ever didnt go back to sleep came to work, lied, went home at lunch and napped, got a sore throat, yesterday woke up with my throat swollen, sinuses clogged and throbbing head, called in to work, slept all day. FInally throats feeling relatively normal after putting a humidifier in every room...I think this dry air (213 with no rain) is finally taking its toll! Lots and lots of fires the last 2 days again....oh and man all that going on in the South is so sad...(Praying for them all, and I hope if anyone on here has been in the path that you're safe) Maybe we could split those storms in 1/2 send 1/2 here and you keep 1/2 would that level them out to decent storms and rain? :)

Anyway back at work this morning and all hell broke loose yesterday apparently, someone in my dept was fired, my report that I do and send out every day wasnt done because the mngr didnt get his stuff out till almost 4:00....crap!
On a good note it IS almost friday!
Whew! This weekend I guess I'll head to the apartment laundry mat...i HATE that place...maybe if I get up early enough I can do it all in one big run!

I've been cooking a lot this week too...I should blog about it...
BTW how do I add my blog to my siggy? I can't get it to work....

Ok just rambling, I had TWO Starbucks energy shots this morning lol woohoo!

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Re: what a week and its not friday yet?

  • I cant wait for the weekend!! DH actually have off. He did a swap for someone a couple weeks ago so a guy owes him a shift so I took it tomorrow and his normal days off this week are Saturday and Sunday. The only thing that stinks about him having weekends off is during the week we dont get to see each other because I am in bed by the time he comes home and he is still asleep when I get up in the morning but we only get weekends together twice every 6 weeks so I'm pumped!
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  • katieluke1983katieluke1983 member
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    @IShaba I can relate! My DH only gets one weekend off every 3-4 weeks too...his days off are usually wednesday and thursdays.BUT with his new job that he's starting next month that shouldnt be a huge problem anymore! :)

     Im excited you get your weekend with him! Doing anythign special?
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  • Oh wow Katie, sounds like you have had a trying week. Hopefully you'll have a great weekend to make up for it!

    My new bff Gayle Forman!

    ?You can have your wishes, your plans, but at the end of the day, it's out of your control" - Gayle Forman
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