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Hello all! I also posted on Dress/Accessories, but thought a little local help might be in order.

FI wants a simple band. I really want to get him platinum (he's allergic to everything). But of course, I'm on a budget. Any recommendations for something good and inexpensive?

I'm open to online and local, but was leaning towards online for better deals. We have gone to a local store to look at sizes and styles (he likes plain!), but their prices were astronomical. He is expecting white gold, but I thought it would be nice to surprise him with platinum since he did such a fantastic job picking out my e-ring.

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Re: cross post: wedding band for him

  • kelklumpkelklump member
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    have you tried other metals like titanium and tungeston? dh wanted a platinum ring, but after talking to the jeweler, he was glad he went with tungeston. The ring looks brand new still (we have been married 4 mos) and he is constantly working with his hands. Some people claim that if you work with your hands, its not a good idea because if something happens they cant get it off, but after talking to many doctor friends, they havent seen a situation where they couldnt get the ring off. Just a thought. Richter and Phillips downtown had a ton of platinum rings at all different price levels, so if you are looking, this is one way to go.
  • mjc468mjc468 member
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    We got HB's tungsten ring on overstock.com for like $50 it looks the same as HB's friend who paid $600 for his. We were on budget constraints as well. The ring is extremely nice and helds quite well for HB.

  • DebbydewDebbydew member
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    We just got FI's at Kay Jewelers for $300. It's tungsten carbide, he love it. It's just a plain silver color, but they also had it powdered coated so you could also get solid black.
  • robbinrlrobbinrl member
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    Ditto on titanium. Titanium is one of the few metals agreed to be biocompatible (used in many orthopedic implants), meaning your FI shouldn't have an issue with an allergic reaction. My e ring is actually titanium and we just bought our wedding bands today online from a local custom titanium and tungsten carbide ring and jewelry maker, Avant Garde, $100 for mine and $150 for his (we got the highest grade/hardest titanium for him). Their website is www.titaniumstyle.com.

    We should get our rings in a week or so; let me know if you're interested and I'll let you know how they turned out.
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  • evabeeevabee member
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    my FI has had a titanium ring for 4 years with my name engraved on the inside and the engraving is still perfect, the ring look amazing, and it's brushed so its not too shiny and a great color for a man.
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