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Holy crap honeymoon


First, we had our resort shut down in Martinique and lost a lot of $. We rescheduled for Jamaica and now it is in a state of emergency. Although this isn't in the same place where Sara and I are staying, anything could happen between now and this weekend. If we are not allowed to or strongly advised to not travel there, we're screwed. If we do go, I will be super nervous but try to relax and probably never leave the resort for a facade of safety. I also am really upset for the people of Jamaica as the violence is insurmountable.

Wishing everyone safe (and existant!) travels! Make sure you register with http://travel.state.gov

Re: Holy crap honeymoon

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    I am so sorry you're having to deal with this!  How stressful!  Take a deep breath, and remember it's being with your mate that makes it a honeymoon.   You'll have a great time together no matter what.
  • i would try to relax and think positive. just stick to the resort and things should be fine.
  • Just try to relax. Im sure you will have a great time just at the resort.

  • I think we'll be fine.  I mean, all of this stuff is going on in Kingston, and that's on the other side of Jamaica from Montego Bay where we'll be flying into.  Try not to worry about it so much!!!  We will both have completely safe honeymoons and everything will be perfect!!!  Did you have any off-resort excursions planned already???  We hadn't planned anything yet, and we probably won't do anything off-resort once we get there.  Cheer up, Charlie!!!  Everything will be PERFECT!!!!

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