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Wolverine AW + funny

On Friday, daycare asked us to bring in underwear for Wolverine (who will be 2 on Sunday) so they could start trying her out in the underwear. (Hence my post on the FB group asking for tiny size panties recs). I ordered the Gerber 18mo training pants from Amazon because anything else will likely be huge on her. We told daycare on Monday that we expected to have the underwear for them by Wednesday. 

When I picked up Wolverine yesterday they told me that they had put her in panties after breakfast (surprise! they must keep spares), and she went until 3:30 before she had an accident. I was so proud of her doing so well on her first day in underwear. We weren't planning on trying to potty train her until Jan since we'll be travelling a good bit over the next few months, but it looks like she might be ready now.

also, funny: over the last few weeks, Wolverine has decided that she's just not that into pants or diapers. This morning, i found her in her PnP pantsless, waving her (clean) diaper around her her head. "Diaper change mommy! whee!!!" I asked where her pants were, and she said "Pants over there." she had tossed them halfway across the room. Looks like we may need to find her a career where she can work from home. 

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    LOVE pantsless wolverine!

    The travel might not be a big problem. Dex was a lot older when he potty trained, but once he did it, he was done. Barely any accidents. So, she might be good to go with just a little extra attention to "No, you have to go potty now, because you won't be able to when we're driving home from the airport," etc. 

    And good lord. Be sure to offer up a ritual sacrifice to whatever gods gifted you this freaky early potty training. Starting tonight, mine goes to time out if he wets his pants.

  • much awesomeness in this post  :)
  • That is awesome!  We were petrified about househunting and potty training.  He only had one accident after the first weekend and that wasn't really his fault. 

    And yes, offer something up for this potty training gift. 
  • I am so jealous of this potty training. DS did 1.5 hours last night in his undies then peed on the floor because he didn't sit down fast enough.
  • Hee @ pantsless Wolverine!! 

    This is all great!! 
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