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DIY Invitations?

Happy happy friday everyone :)

I just wanted to ask for some guidance about DIY invitations. I am not very crafty so I never thought about doing them myself but after looking at some of the DIY invites you ladies have done I reconsidered. They are so personalized, beauitful, and professional looking! I am impressed by all you DIY brides on this board :)

But, anyway - I don't even know where to start to look for DIY invites. Are there any websites you ladies would recommend or stores?

TIA :)

Re: DIY Invitations?

  • CLW102409CLW102409 member
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    I bought all of my paper, pocketfolds and envelopes from paperandmore.com and i googled "invitation wording" and sorted through 100's of different styles, and played around with clipart and MS publisher, i printed, cut and assembled them all myself.  I never throught of myself as a crafty person until I designed my invitations.  It was a lot of work, but it paid off, they turned out really great, and our guest loved them!!  Good luck. 
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    I didn't DIY invitations, but I did buy paper from PaperSource to use for my place cards and table card numbers. Great prices, and no problems ordering or receiving.

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    Mine were semi-DIY.  I bought a kit at Michaels for the pocketfold and actual invite.  Then I bought paper at JoAnn's to make all of the insert cards.  I also bought ribbon to tie around the invite and little tags as well.  It was nice to have the pocketfold already done for me and gave me a nice outline on what to do.
    Good luck!
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    Mine were also semi DIY.  I ordered invites printed thermographically from carlson craft, I hunted around the internet for all the wording, then called the company a hundred times to get silver envelopes for the rsvp envelopes.  I then ordered custom cuts from cardsandpockets.com for the layered VIP tag for the pocketfold and the escort cards.  I assembled and stamped all of those, then had a calligrapher do the rest. Pics in bio. 
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    I also used paperandmore.com for the pocketfolds, linen paper and envelopes. I did A LOT of price comparison for these items before I purchased and this was the best price. I bought small things like ribbon, glue and the calligraphy pen at Michael's, that stuff is so cheap with their 40% or 50% off coupons.

    I'm lazy and never put a pic in my bio, oops.


  • concerto47concerto47 member
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    I second paperandmore, especially if you want colored pocketfolds. I searched for a really long time and theirs were cheaper per invite t(I believe 72 cents)han anywhere else or even making my own. They are superfast, and the samples come really quickly. I also used their custom cutting service which saved me a ton of time. I bought glue taperunners from Pat Catans and designed the invite part myself. A friend of ours did the printing for us, but he works at Kinkos and it was basically the same as getting copies made on a nice paper. We planned a Saturday for an invitation party and everyone met at my house. It takes a lot of planning, but is totally worth it.
  • notthesamenotthesame member
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    I helped my sister with her DIY invitations back in 2004 and it was a nightmare.  I don't recommend it. 
    I was in a wedding in 2005 where the bride bought kits which she printed out her own writing and that wasn't as terrible, but when I actually did a TCO value on it for her, she had actually spent slightly more on the semi-DIY invitations for the number of guests she had, mis-prints, printer ink, etc, plus all the time she had to spend doing it with help from us bridesmaids. 
    If you have a small- moderate size gusts list, you'll probably be OK, but don't forget about the time it will take or the cost of your printer ink!
    I was also in a wedding in 2006 and that bride opted for a professional invitation, that one was a breeze and she got a really good price by buying them with the discount offered to her by the company she bought here dress at.
    I found my invitations, etc. online and they were quite inexpensive
    Hopefully that information will help you out.
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    What would it end up costing to do it yourself for a pocket style?  I'm curious to attempt this.  It's the inside cards that worry me.
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