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Keeping BMs up to date

Based on the amount of questions my BMs seem to have lately, I am clearly not keeping the girls up to date. The five girls are scattered across the East Coast, so meeting up is not really an option. I need some ideas/suggestions...

How is everyone else managing BM communication?
Did you delegate it to your MOH? 
Are you sending emails? If so, how often (don't want to be overwhelming/annoying)? 
Are you calling each one regularly? 

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Re: Keeping BMs up to date

  • I have a facebook thread set up between me and all of them, that way I can let them know if I have any annoucements and they can ask questions.  And everyone can see what everyone else asks so there aren't any repeat questions.  It's been really convenient for me.  It would depend on all of them having a facebook account though.
  • I am simply emailing everyone periodically to keep them in the loop. My BMs already got their dresses so there really isn't much else they need to know from me - but I have been sending emails to let everyone know what's been going on!


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  • I just let them know my progress. "Ive got my flowers!", "Ive got my location", "Ceremony is at this time!" and the often emailed "Not all of you have ordered your dresses yet......." If they want to know more specificas, they ask
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  • My MOH and I talk often, and FSIL knows how to reach me. My own sisters are in their own world, and I will see them at Christmas... and who knows when next.  They don't really allow family time to interfere with their social lives. 

    Although I did let my sister know I needed to know when her spring break vacation was so I didn't plan my shower around that time - and I lt her know it was an inconvenience. :(
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  • My BM are my sisters and my best friend, so I talk to them constantly, and when there's wedding stuff to talk about I just bring it up whenever we talk.
    I don't really share the little details with my sisters,but with my best friend we talk every day, and I always bring up the little details like "look at this idea i found for centerpieces" or whatever. 

    You could always email your girls, call them, text them, start a facebook message thread, or whatever is most convenient for you and your girls. 
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  • Questions about hotel rooms, flights/airports, arrival times/dates, etc....everyone is coming in from OOT, which I guess adds to the questions. 

    Thanks for the help...like the idea of sending periodic updates so that everyone is in the loop, but wedding doesn't dominate every chat with my friends. 
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  • I email the girls as well - about once a month, even if I've talked to them.  Just to keep everyone in the loop. :)
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  • I email my girls once a month or once every two months. They are also spread all over. When we do talk I try not to talk about the wedding becasue I don't want them to get wedding overload.
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  • My MOH is m y sister so no prob there. The other BMs I just tell them whats going on if they ask. I have a private FB message going with all the BM about their dresses. I am letting them choose what they want just I am choosing the color and length.
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  • I created a facebook message where we all communicated. In the end my BP was significantly smaller, so it was unnecessary 
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