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October 2011 Weddings

Wedding Websites?

Is anyone here making a wedding website?
I'm trying to, but I have NO idea what to put on it.

Re: Wedding Websites?

  • I used weebly.com. I thought it was easy to use and understandable. I agree with PP look online for inspirations or even look at other knotties and save thier pictures. I also did that too.

  • I used mywedding.com for family and weebly.com for a Planning Bio...Bio's in my sig if you need ideas.  :)
  • I think what helped me figure out what to put on my planning bio was looking at examples of other knottie's planning bios.  Everyone more or less has the basic same structure, so start lurking on the boards and looking down towards the bottom of people's signatures and click away!  Best of luck!
    <a href="http://www.kristyanddon.weebly.com">-[Wedding Recap]-
  • I am using mywedding.com for family and friends and weebly.com for my planning bio.  Both are super easy to use.  Start saving pics and ideas of your wedding and use them to build your website and then include it in your sig if you want so we can see your awesome ideas as well. 
  •  thanks for the ideas.

    I plan on making one, but will have to wait to start until sometime next month when I have a little more free time.
  • Marysbaby,just wanted to ask where in Los Angeles are you in ? I was born & raised in SO CAL !!
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  • the San Fernando Valley & I lived in Los Angeles for a year, I can't believe I moved out of California but loves makes you do crazy things (lol) Fiance got a new promotion and had to move out here. I love Santa Barbara it's beautiful out there,Congrats on your new career by the way!!

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  • thanks!
    love certainly does make you do crazy things. Wink
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