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I am having a partial outdoor wedding next fall and would like to have a clambake. For many guests this will be their first time having lobstah and visiting New England. Is this going to be a messy nightmare, or an upbeat, cultural meal? Any advice or prospective from guests at clambake catered weddings?

Re: Clambake...catastrophe?

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    Is this all you are planning to serve?  I'd include grilled chicken and vegetables as an option.  I had to live in Cleveland for several years before I'd try anything from the clambakes - never ate seafood (especially not lobster) until I moved there.  The clambakes always had the chicken option so that's what I took.
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  • Like PP said, I would offer something in addition to the lobster....shellfish allergies are pretty common, so having something else for those guests would be a great idea. If your wedding is on the more casual side, then this would fit in fine.

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  • I agree with PPs.  My fiance is allergic to shellfish (Poor guy!) so you should definitely have an option for those who can't eat shellfish.
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  • In addition to the non-shellfish option, be sure to include a vegetarian option as well.  Some vegetarians eat fish and other seafood, and some don't, so it would be good to make sure that everyone is covered, and it's always good to have options.
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  • Thanks for the input everyone! Yes, I am worried about the mess since I do want this to be a "cocktail attire" event. We will be offering steaktips, grilled chicken, and lobster (not clams) then all the fixings like corn, potatoes, clam chowder... We considered doing this for the rehearsal dinner too...maybe I will go back to that idea. Just so darn expensive! We were going to down-scale the rehersal to burgers, dogs, and beer in the barn! (ceremony and dinner will be in a gorgeous historic barn) Maybe what I really need are money saving tips.
  • that's an excellent idea! thank you so much! also, as a must, the caterer will be pre-cracking the shells. i also thought it would be appropriate to have little fingers bowls of lemon water at each place setting. i think we can make this work with thoughtful planning. wedding is still 11.5 months away, but i will be happy to lend advice on the planning and experience if anyone needs it!
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