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Honeymoon help...

So I have been trying to find honeymoons that are All-inclusive but i keep coming across things like Sandals, which are a little on the expensive side (at least the ones I was finding).  My cousin said that she went to Jamaica and she paid less than 2,000 including airfare.  I don't know where she found this.  Does any one have any suggestions for an inexpensive all-inclusive romantic tropical type of honeymoon, or at least where to look for such deals.  Thanks for the help in advance   :-)

Re: Honeymoon help...

  • Try RIU, I think they are all inclusive.
  • shop around. price it out.
    there are SO many variables for trip prices. dont' assume that you'll find the same as the jamaica trip. prices vary, flights get more expensive etc..


  • Jamaica Secrets Wild Orchid is All Inclusive.  For 5 nights with airfare is in the 2,000's.( for the basic room).
  • I think Couples is also less expensive.
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  • We have booked two different all-inclusive trips in the past and used the website Bookit.com both times.  The first time we went to the Dominican Republic and we recently went to Cozumel, Mexico. There is a section of the website specifically for all-inclusive travel deals and they are usually pretty cheap.  Hope this helps.
  • As pp said deals can depend on the time of year, air line, the day you are flying out etc. We have had good experiences with cheapcaribbean.com and Orbitz. Both you can google coupon codes and usually find additional savings. We have done a few AI's Dominican Republic, Cancun, and Aruba. From my research the resorts that are your typical Honeymoon spots (Sandals, Dreams, Beaches etc) tend to be higher in price. This would also depend on the location and what other resorts they are in competition with.

    If you are not having luck on your own you could always contact a travel agent and let them know your budget and see what they are able to find within your price range.
  • Whenever I was looking for all inclusives I looked on Allinclusiveoutlet.com. They have a ton of all inclusive resorts listed in a bunch of different areas, and you can price it with airfare and everything. Otherwise definitely check out bookit or orbitz. Or as another PP said, travel agent. let them do the work of finding you the resort in your pricepoint. Good luck!
  • I was just looking at Costco's website and they were pretty impressive.

    Also, one of my friends swears by this.

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