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Parents walking down the aisle

Originally I had planned to walk down the aisle by myself (not crazy about the idea of being "given away").  But then I saw both parents walk the bride to the end of the aisle together on a TV show, then the bride walked the aisle herself.  This seems to be a great mix of tradition and modern, except ...

My parents are divorced.  So I'm not quite sure how to get them down the aisle, as they will obviously not want to walk down together.  Do I walk down first, and have them follow me?  Do I send my mom first, then my dad, then me? 

Utterly confused ...

Re: Parents walking down the aisle

  • They really couldn't walk down the aisle next to each other, for less than one minute?  If so, that's sad but you might want to ask anyway. 

    If they really can't, then I'm not sure.  Really the bride should be the last one down the aisle, but it would seem weird to me to see them walk you in and then stop and walk down the aisle and leave you back there.  Why not just let them walk you all the way up?  They don't have to "give you away", just walk you up and then take their seats.
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  • I'm not sure I understand.  They walked the bride to the end of the aisle and then the bride walked the aisle herself?  That doesn't make sense to me.

    Do you mean that she was escorted by her parents until they reached their seats, and then she went the last couple of feet to the front on the ceremony venue?

    If that's the case:  I'm with Dani.  Walking you down the aisle doesn't signify that they're dating again or anything.  It's nothing more than escorting you on your wedding day.

    Have you asked them if they'd put aside their differences for 25 seconds or are you assuming what their answer will be?

    Ask them.

    And no one has to "give away" anyone.  If you do the traditional dad escort, at the end of the aisle, you give him a kiss and go to your groom.  The question "Who gives this bride" doesn't even have to be asked.
    "Trix, it's what they/our parents wanted. Why so judgemental? And why is your wedding date over a year and a half ago? And why do you not have a groom's name? And why have you posted over 12,000 posts? And why do you always say mean things to brides?" palegirl146
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    The parents or Dad walking the bride (and sometimes the groom) down the aisle can also signify the family's support for the marriage. I don't like the 'giving away' connotation, either.
    Don't assume your parents wouldn't agree to it. 

    Pretty much the same question was asked on the Etiquette board. Perhaps your parents might actually want to walk you down together... it's not like they'd have to hold hands or anything.

    Otherwise, you could also walk down by yourself. And if you wanted, you could hug/kiss mom and dad at the end of the aisle. Or you could also walk in with your husband-to-be! This is what I'm doing.
  • My friends recently got married, they didn't have a WP so to include her brother she had him walk her down the aisle half way and then her dad was waiting there and he walked her the rest of the way, maybe if your parents really don't want to do it together you could have your mom walk you halk way and then have your dad walk you the last half......GL
  • Tell them this is what you want, and can they please be civil to each other for FIVE minutes while they walk you down the aisle. Explain this is not about THEM and their relationship, but about how much you love each of them.

    If one says NO, then I'd automatically just walk with the one who says yes, and leave the petty one out of it... but that's just me.

    My guess is they'll step up to the plate and walk you up the aisle together. It's not like the need to actually touch each other or anything- I hope it works out!
  • I orginally asked my mother to walk me because she raised me and my dad was just kind of in the pic every now and then but it was her suggestion that they both do it so I asked him and he said yes and cried, lol.
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