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Our water tastes bad

Kitchen guy got the kitchen sink back in almost a week ago and I've run a lot of water through it since then, but it still tastes bad.  We put the same faucet back in, so only one section of pipe under the sink is new.  Water tastes fine out of every other faucet in the house.  So did he use some kind of glue that is going to be there forever more?  Or do you think it will go away eventually?  Or am I crazy?  Who am I?  What am I doing? Do fleas have souls?


I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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Re: Our water tastes bad

  • does it smell bad, or just taste bad?

    If you put it in a cup and let it sit, then take it to another room, does it still taste/smell bad?

    (for real, I had to answer these questions to figure out where the issue was in our house--because...I forget.  which makes them lousy diagnstic questinos, but it had to do w/ gasses and things being knocked loose in pipes)
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    "Voltaire, the great enlightenment writer and philosopher, once said, "Nobody thinks of giving an immortal soul to a flea." Now, nearly 300 years later, the mass of accumulated scientific evidence suggests we may have to. "

    You can read the whole article here:
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    I've learned to listen to my bizarre sensitivity to the taste of water, even when everyone else says I'm crazy. Our water company has done more weird stuff in the last year that I was totally aware of long before we got official word of it, just because I knew the water tasted funny.

    So no, you're not crazy. But try GBCK's stuff, google it for other ideas of what to try, and even ask the plumber. Just because you put the old stuff back doesn't mean weird things didn't happen while the faucet was off, kwim? 

  • Our water tastes disgusting and is cloudy, DH thinks it tastes fine.    I even had the Water Dept come out and test it and they say it passes everything.  I buy bottled water.  I blame it on the stupid village for not using good tasting Lake Michigan water.

    Anyway, I think you should call the plumber and if anything, have the water dept come out and test it.  It didn't cost me anything.  They were very nice even though I know I sounded like a crazy person on the phone. 
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  • PS.  Have you posted any more kitchen update pics yet?  Because you know I"m dying to see.
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  • GBCK - No smell.  But yes, it still tastes bad after sitting for a while.  And nothing cloudy.

    WZ - Very interesting

    Ali - The stuff he has worked on in the past week have been very low drama, so there isn't much of a photo update.  The painter is here this week to do the walls.  Next week is floors.  Then we need to get the kitchen guy back out here to finish up the trim and under-cabinet lights and install the super cool valance that H designed for over the sink. I was sad to see the scalloped 50s valance go, but H was determined and I do really like his.  Then appliances back in and....done.  I hope.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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  • this was why we were asked about smell and sitting:

    That sometimes it can be coming from the drain pipe and you can *think* you taste/smell it from the water itself.

    But you just eliminated that possibility w/ your answer.

    No idea.
  • Did he use a different pipe material?  Like replace copper with pvc?  Otherwise no clue, but call the plumber.

    I couldn't drink the water in BFE when I was pregnant.  Bottled was fine and the water here was fine, but BFE water made me puke.  Part of DH's job was testing the water.  I'd get a call regularly not to drink it.

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