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Need help with Wedding Program Wording....

I am working on a template for our Wedding Programs and i'm not sure on the wording for Deceased Grandparents.  My Grandmother on my dads side and my FI's Grandmother on his dads side are the only living grandparents, but we would like to include all the names. What is the appropriate wording?

Re: Need help with Wedding Program Wording....

  • If you include your parents and grandparents on the wedding party page, you shouldn't list any of the deceased relatives there - it would imply to some that they are living. You can include a section titled "In Loving Memory" or "In Remembrance" and just list the names of your grandparents who have passed away. Then the living grandparents are listed under "Grandparents of the Bride" or "Grandparents of the Groom".
  • Ok, thankyou so much for the input, wasn't sure how it should read.
  • I normally put something like this:

    On this special day in our lives, we lovingly remember those who are no longer with us.
    Jane Doe, Grandmother of the Bride
    John Smith, Grandfather of the Groom

    You could also title this section "In Loving Memory" or "In Remberance".
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