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Hi Girls...
I am hosting a Bridal shower & need idea for fun games. Any help will be appreciated.


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    I always love bridal bingo. It is easy and no one needs to get up. We just print out blank bingo cards. The guests put what they think the bride will receive for gifts the card. Then as the bride opens gifts the guests try to get bingo!
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    ditto bridal bingo... I also think the clothespin game is great. Each person starts with X clothespins and if they get caught saying somthing like "bride" or whatever the first person to catch them steals a clothespin. The person at the end of the shower with the most clothespins wins. It's nice because even if you lose all your clothespins you can still get them all back.
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    Hi, I am planning my friend's shower and I am buying a couple games from The 2 in 1 game, and the scratch off and win game

    Also, like the clothespin game but I bought fake rings from Hobby Lobby and whoever gets the most "rings" win

    I read on here (theknot) about the Fill in the Blank Vow game to play as the bride is opening gifts. The groom will be there to so at the end they are going to read to each other.

    What about getting a big jar of candy (or little wedding confetti stuff) fill in a jar and whoever gets closest to the number inside wins.

    Also, having a wishing well- I buy from

    Good Luck!
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