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October 2011 Weddings

Rain Rain and More Rain

This is what happens when you are on the dirty side of the hurricane. I am thankful that we aren't going to get hit by the eye of the hurricane. I am also thankful that it may not develop into more then a category 2.

I am wondering if it will put a damper on the 4th though. If we do have fireworks with all the rain so far nothing can really catch on fire outside. <knocks on wood />
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Re: Rain Rain and More Rain

  • I'd KILL for rain at this type of year personally.  I'm so used to muggy, humid, rainy summers that this hot and dry stuff doesn't work for me :P

    though admitedly, I'd rather 115 deress and dry over 85 degress with 80% humidity any day of the week.
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  • Ick, I'm sorry Mary...hope the weather takes a turn for the better for you soon!
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  • Rain here to... bleh
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