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Hair & Makeup Question!!!

Hey Ladies!

I am not a huge girly girl. So I don't know a lot about hair and makeup. The girl I have do my hair told me her price for bridal hair was $175 and for airbrush makeup $175.

Is this the average price for hair & makeup? I asked one of my bridesmaids and she said she thought it was a bit pricey.....

What do you ladies think? I only plan on doing this once, but that seems like a bit of money...


Re: Hair & Makeup Question!!!

  • mrsR12mrsR12 member
    Donna from Amazing Faces is charging $300 for hair and make up, i booked with her as that seems to be the average price.  I dont usually spend much on hair and make up either but that does seems to be around the going rate.  
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  • I am paying $150 for hair and $165 (plus an additional $25 for lashes) for makeup.  My BMs will be $85 for hair and $85 for makeup.  Those seem to be the average prices for hair and makeup artists who travel to you. It is usually less expensive if you go to a salon on the day of the wedding.
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  • I am using Noreen from A Bridal Beauty and I paid $350 for my trial and day of hair and airbrush makeup. She's charging my girls $100 for makeup and hair. She'll come to you for the day of but you have to go to her for the trial (Little Egg Harbor).
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  • Thanks for the input ladies!!! =) Its much appreciate!!!!
  • I used Mandy Liento for hair and paid 165 . For makeup I used Jillyan Scarpa Skin and Paint Bar and paid 150 for airbrush and lashes. Both were amazing!!!
  • Hey,

    My costs are as follows:

    -Hair:  $150 (trial was free as long as I booked...otherwise it would have been $85)
               -$40 for my BM's as long as nothing is pinned up (should they change their mind day of it becomes $95 per person)

    -Make-up $150 (includes lashes and airbrush; the trail was $65)
               -$75 for my BM's for regular make-up (should they change their minds day of  and want air brush it becomes $95 per person; eye lashes are $15 extra)

    I completed trials for both and was very pleased, I hope it comes out just as well or better day of! :)

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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