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October 2011 Weddings

Dear Tuesday

We haven't done this in a bit and it seems like we might need it today....

Dear Tuesday (and Wednesday too...)
HURRY UP! I want to go on vacation!!!!

Dear FI,
I know you are going golfing this week and are very excited but if I have to hear one more thing about how you are going to pack your golf bag for the plane or the weather in MB I will scream.

Re: Dear Tuesday

  • Dear work keys, It would be awesome if you would surface in that disaster area we call a house before FI has to go to work so he can bring them to me. Thanks, Your annoyed owner. Dear people in my tax class, Please answer my email about needing a partner for the project. I know I sent it a little late, but I promise I'll do my share. Love, Kelly Phone, Stop making my battery die super fast. It blows when that happens. Kelly
  • Dear Boss,
    Stop asking me favors, like dog-sitting for you over the holidays, when you have no intentions of giving me a raise or bonus for all the extra BS I do for you.

    Dear Mother-in-Law,
    If this was YOUR wedding, you could have as many silk flowers as you wanted! But this is MY wedding and I want real flowers so get over it!

    Dear FI,
    Please stop throwing your dirty laundry NEXT TO or ADJACENT TO the laundry basket!! Is it that hard to get in the f**ing basket really???

    Whew! I feel better now! ;)
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  • Dear body,
    WAKE UP. Yawning at work doesn't look very professional, buck-up.

    Dear my sweet love,
    Get your phone fixed...this is getting to a point of ridiculousness. I love you and want to talk to you about important things like your BIRTHDAY.
    Missing you,
    Always Daddy's Little Girl

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  • Dear Tuesday,
    If you don't mind can you end as soon as possible, so I can leave work, go to class and then get some sleep since Monday didn't let me.

    Dear FI,
    Its your birthday this week!  If Medieval Times hadn't cancelled the show (3 days before the show) I booked weeks ago, we'd be there for your birthday evening.  I will get revenge for you ;D
    Love you, Bonnie
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  • Dear FI,

    Please answer the email that I sent you. I hate that it's our only way to communicate when you are gone.
    Love,  Me

    Dear Laundry,
    Please do yourself thanks! I am sick of not having the time to get caught up on you!
    Love, I am running out of clothes...

    Dear Baby Girl,
    Please get better soon, Momma doesn't like it when you have a cold. :(
    Love, worried momma
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  • Dear Today,
    Stop being so cold and miserable. I have errands to do but you're not helping me get up off the couch to do them!!
    Regards, me

    Dear Cold,
    GO AWAY ALREADY!!!! So sick of being sick :(
    No love, The sick one

    Dear FI,
    Is it your lunch break yet? Please come on Facebook chat and cheer me up?
    Love, me :-*

    Dear Facebook friend,
    I did not need the status update about your baby's poopy diaper. That's just gross.
    Signed, someone who doesn't care about every small disgusting, uneventful thing your baby does
  • Dear Tuesday,

    You are pretty much bleh today...leaving me nothing to do besides the dishes and eh, I don't feel like it. 

    Dear FMIL,

    Is it time for you to get your act together yet?  Because I need addresses for Christmas Cards like yesterday...  I get that you're not in wedding-mode like the rest of us but a TINY bit of effort is not too much to ask!  You have no problem butting into our business every where else! 

    Dear FI,

    I miss you. 

    The. End.
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_october-2011-weddings_dear-tuesday-5?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:650Discussion:e63052ea-1513-4434-b976-2083a4a683e5Post:6bab307b-77df-4193-9161-ff9923ca9497">Re: Dear Tuesday</a>:
    [QUOTE]Dear Today, Stop being so cold and miserable. I have errands to do but you're not helping me get up off the couch to do them!! Regards, me Dear Cold, GO AWAY ALREADY!!!! So sick of being sick :( No love, The sick one Dear FI, Is it your lunch break yet? Please come on Facebook chat and cheer me up? Love, me :-* <strong>Dear Facebook friend, I did not need the status update about your baby's poopy diaper. That's just gross. Signed, someone who doesn't care about every small disgusting, uneventful thing your baby does</strong>
    Posted by deeegoalie[/QUOTE]

    <div>I have so many friends that do the same thing. Or when they use the potty.. I'm sure 10 years from now your kids are going to be so happy that you posted that on the internet</div>
  • Oh I need this!!!

    Dear Tuesday:

    Thank god your not Monday! I couldnt put up with another busy day otherwise I might have just collapsed!


    Dear CT realtor:

    I hate you! You better get us the buyers mortgage commitment today so we can get rid of that condo otherwise I'm going to go crazy! Also, if you give away one more item of my stuff I will kill you (well maybe not kill - but i wont be very happy). I like shopping but not for stuff that I just bought and fell in love with only 8 months ago!!

    someone you dont want madLaughing

    Dear MD realtor:

    I love you and your name, your so cute! FI and I secretly call you jeanie beanie! Thanks for rushing to find us a new place to live quickly and meeting us in the rain!

    I need to go out and get you a little present
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  • LOVE this idea!

    Dear FI,
    I know you are basically getting paid to play, but please put down the xbox remote for 5 minutes.  We will be putting the Christmas tree up tonight and I need you to get it down from the attic.  All of those people on Call of Duty will still be there to shoot in 30 minutes!

    Dear Heartburn,

    Dear Boss,
    Stop copying me on every flipping email. They have nothing to do with me or my job!! Why do you do this!?!?!
    Needs a raise
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  • Dear Tuesday-
    Monday was good to me, why can't you be? It's bad enough it's cloudy outside, but you brought me a stuffy nose too!

    Dear FMIL-
    I really need the grocery list for Christmas Dinner so I can figure out how many pots and pans I have to go buy in order for you to cook.
    I also need your guest list so I can firm some numbers up. I don't ask you every Monday for my health or for the sake of hearing my own voice. It's been 3 months already throw me a bone lady!
    Your losing patience quickly FDIL!
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  • edited November 2010
    Dear Luggage,
    Please pack yourself.  I have no idea what shoes to bring with me, it'd be great if you could make the choice for me.

    Dear House,
    Please dust & straighten yourself.  I'm too busy trying to book a DJ.
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  • Dear Lawyer at work,
    Well you said something you shouldn't of to me, now that wasn't smart was it. 

    Dear FI,
    Thanks for going to my house to get my files, it was very helpful for me at work. And I'm sure the kitty loved his extra extra extra cat nip.
    -Me and Kitty

  • Dear Christmas,
    would you be offended if i opened all of my presents NOW?

    this brat right here

    Dear Bank Account,
    I like the way you look right now, to bad it wont last forever... must pay off the crap we have left. Sorry to put a dent in you.

    wants to be debt free.

    Dear Night Terrors,
    F.U.! you scare my child every night and I'm tired and he's tired but most importantly he needs his rest. GO AWAY!

    -shaking my fist at you-
  • Dear Depression & Aggravation,

    I have no time for you today, please depart with much haste....and take the migraine with you.

    Thank you,
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  • Dear Tuesday,

    I hate you. Not only do you bring headachs, rain all day, and make me fight to stay awak even though I slept well last night for one.  You bring me drama once again with finding a new venue. Why can't mother's just get along and agree on even one little thing without putting me between it.

    - Wanting this day to be over with

    Dear Heathrow Developer,

    You stink for not paying $8 mil in back taxes and now I have to find a new venue when I loved the one you built. But nooooo now that is being liqidated.

    Very Unhappy Bride
  • dear stomach bug do you know I study kick boxing and ill kick your a**leave my fi and baby alone or else. vomit is not my choice of perfume dear future mother in law why in the world would you invite us over knowing you had that bug and didn't say anything Helloooo I have a baby did someone forget their brain on their pillow
  • Dear Work,

    Thanks for the holiday pay for Thanksgiving that I didn't know I was getting. Recieving my paystub today with quite a bit more money than I was expecting was awesome. Now if only you'd give me more hours so I could make that amount on a regular basis, we'd be good.


    Dear Photographer,

    Please get our enagement pics preview up on facebook ASAP! It's been the three weeks that you said it'd take to get them done. I'm DYING to see them, and sick of checking FB every two hours, hoping they are up now.

    Me (and FI)

    Dear Etsy,

    You're cool. I finally checked you out last night and ended up ordering my centerpieces. I can't wait to use you again!


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  • cam, what do they look like???  We need pics!
  • Yay!! I was hoping someone would ask about them, FM! :-D

    I'll start a new thread so that I don't hijack this one.

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  • Dear Coworker[s] Who Spilled Something in the Mini-Fridge,

    Thanks for getting soda, or whatever it was, in my carton of half-and-half and throughout the entire fridge in our department.  The coffee out of the server is piping hot and the powdered creamer I had to use made my only cup of coffee today miserable.  Not to mention the fact that I decided to rip apart the shelves, throw out nasty yogurt that expired on 10.31.10 and then clean it all with Clorox Cleanup getting huge bleach spots on my dress pants I've only worn twice.

    Wasted Awesome Deal on Dress Pants from NY&Co.

    Dear Rain,

    Please go away.  I wish you had been snow today; we'd be up to our EARS right now.  But you remained rain and people decide to crawl on the roads when it rains.


    Dear FI's Aunt,

    Why are you making a Ham dinner this Sunday for a family birthday dinner three weeks before Christmas?  FMIL is not very happy with you because now she doesn't want to repeat Ham in three weeks.  FI won't let me "innocently" ask why you're making Ham so close to Christmas because he says it's not my "place" but I REALLY, REALLLY want to slip a hint that everyone is incredibly mad at you.

    Your Future Niece


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