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October 2011 Weddings

In need of some advice

So girls.  I'm a little torn.  I've decided to no longer have a full blown reception with a DJ, Catering, large space to decorate, etc...and I'm going for a "cake and punch" reception.  That being said, I'm curious about something.

Originally my reception theme was fall.  I was using brown and bronze as my basic colors and allowing the colors of fall to make everything pop in the decorations and floral arrangements.  ...But now, doing a cake and punch reception has me thinking more along the lines of a vintage theme.

What do you girls think?  Fall theme or vintage theme? (and it would be too difficult to combine the two, I already looked into it! haha)
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Re: In need of some advice

  • Hey Kristen,

    Before I answer from my point of view...Where was the reception being held again? 
    Sorry my memory sucks so much! 
  • We're going  try and set up a tour here next week or the week after.  So far it looks like the best venue close to the church.


    <a href="http://www.kristyanddon.weebly.com">-[Wedding Recap]-
  • IMO I feel more of a vintage theme going on at this place. By the way it is really goregous looking too. I think with your whole cake and punch thing at this venue with a vintage theme would look really pretty.

  • love the reception hall. a vintage look will be easier because you can use the hall architecture to your advantage.
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    Very pretty venue Kristy!!!  I think you could incorporate your colors and a vintage theme...maybe just steer a little bit from the fall and use the colors to incorporate that for you.  Does that make sense?  Basically stay away maybe from the typical "leaf theme" of fall, go with vintage and add your more fall colors into that instead.  Whatever you do, it's going to be beautiful!!!!  :)

    BTW---I'm LOVING your bio...doesn't make me feel so bad for having ideas for EVERYTHING already...hehe.
  • I agree with the previous posters who think that the venue lends itself to vintage.  I think that you could incorporate your colours into a vintage theme, maybe softening them a bit.  Looks like it will be a beautiful place for your celebration!
  • I love the vintage feel to your venue,so naturally I would go with vintage instead of fall maybe adding a ivory as an accent to go along with Brown & Bronze since it looks like the hall has dark wood floors.
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