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NYS laws regarding having a friend marry you

Does anyone know if New York State allows people that were ordained online to legally marry a couple?  My fiancé and I don't belong to a church.  I mean we are not against church or anything we just don't go to church.  We are getting married in the woods on my parents property and would like to have my cousin marry us.  This would help the situation both buget wise as well as bridesmaid wise as I have more girls than he guys.  Having my cousin be the officiant would help even us out and keep her part of the ceremony.

Re: NYS laws regarding having a friend marry you

  • I don't know exactly, but I am in the process of figuring out the same thing for NJ. I would look at the website for the Universal Life Church, which is the most popular place to get ordained online, and also check out the website for your state and look for the section on marriage laws. The state website may list who is allowed to perform a ceremony, and if "any minister of any faith" is on there, you're good. To be sure, though, I might call the county clerk's office in the county where you are getting married.
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