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Married! (despite Sandy) PIP

Hi ladies!  We were married on Sunday 10/28, just about 12 hours before Sandy hit (the wedding was in NJ and we live in NYC).  The 2 days leading up to the wedding were very stressful since I was about 80% sure I would have to cancel the wedding due to the storm precautions and preparations (transport shut down, state of emergency being called, etc).  But since the storm was not scheduled to really hit until Monday afternoon, we made the call to proceed (after much back and forth with the venue) and just pushed the time up by an hour.  Some people couldn't make it and people had to leave earlier than expected, but it made me appreciate everyone making the trip.  The storm hit the next day and our honeymoon was delayed 6 days, but we eventually made it out for a relaxing and wonderful 10 days in Turks & Caicos.  I hope that everyone else's wedding went off without a hitch despite Sandy.  Pro pics won't be back for awhile, but here are some from friends and from the photo booth Smile

Champagne in the limo just after the church ceremony

Getting ready

With my sister (my MOH) at the reception venue

With 1 BM and MOH in the photo booth


My "Team Bride" sign got cut off :)

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