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Did your FI

Ask your father/mother/parent-like figure's permission to marry you?  How long did he wait b/t asking them and asking you?  If he didn't do it would have liked him to do so?

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    He asked my dad a WHOLE 7 months before he asked me. Mind you we live in a different city then they do and he wanted to make sure he did when he had the chance.  The thing was is that i KNEW he asked my dad.  It killed me to wait until Jan, but he had to save up for the ring.
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    He asked my dad over the phone, since they were in KC and we were in FL and LA. I'm not sure of the exact circumstances though. However, I do know that my sister's FI also asked my dad (technically after he had asked her) and he told him he'd kill him if he gave her a reason to get divorced or if he treated her badly. Then he realized he had to go back and tell David the same thing just to be fair. lol! He is not a big fan of my sis's FI.

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    Ryan called the Wednesday before he proposed, so only by a few days. I sort of knew it was coming at some point since we picked the ring out around Thanksgiving (proposed on Valentine's)...just didn't know for sure when. 
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    FI didn't ask my dad.  My parents don't really have a lot of say in my life so it would have been silly for him to ask.  Though he told me after that he had debated for a long time whether he should talk to my dad.
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    He asked my Mom and Dad a little over a week before. He also called my sister the day he bought my ring and asked her :) Then my sister surprised me and came in town the night we got engaged.
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    My parents are divorced so the night before he proposed he went and picked up my dad and brought him over to my mom and step-dad's house. My parents thought it was a burgular or sometheing because it was like 10:30 at night! He asked, well more like told and then asked for their blessing(he was asking me either way!) and of course they gave it and giddyness ensued, well at least with my mom. He left the ring at my mom's house that night since we were coming over for Easter the next day(where he proposed) because he knew how snoopy I can be!!:)

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    No, he didn't ask and at this point my parents knew it would eventually happen.   Plus my parents are divorced and I'm not sure if he knew who to ask if he wanted too (my stepdad has been in my life since before I knew my FI).  I don't mind though at this point everyone is just happy we are finally getting married :) 
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    He asked my dad on Thanksgiving night.  The best part is that when he went outside to talk to my dad my grandma started drilling me and my older brother (whose gf was in the room) about getting married.  That made my brother so uncomfortable that he went out to talk to my dad and FI.  From what I hear it was pretty awkward.  Hahaha.
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    He asked my parents 4 months beforehand and it absolutely killed my mom to keep the secret for so long!
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