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Blame it on the weather???

Over the weekend it has gotten pretty hot in NJ pretty quickly, so may be that was my excuse. I went to the jewelry store to pick up my earrings, and yay they were able to fix them and polish them all pretty..  So as I am waiting they had a case of estate jewelry and had some gorgeous cameo rings.  One was beautiful and even my size, it was pretty expensive but probably not in the cards for now. Ok I swear there is a point to this, in the set of rings that held the cameo ring the jeweler brought out was also a few diamond engagement rings.  I slipped a pretty but modest one onto to my ring finger it was so pretty and sparkly.  I had never seen a diamond ring on me before.  May be I'm crazy.... 
Any one else ever done this? 


Re: Blame it on the weather???

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    Nope. The only diamond that had ever been on my ring finger before BF and I went to look at rings was when one of my college GFs got engaged. We had a little tradition that when one girl got engaged, they'd pass the ring around and everyone would try it on. Beyond that, I was too worried I would jinx myself and never get married if I tried rings on.  When BF and I went to look at rings, I even asked if it was ok to put it on my ring finger!
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    I'm a nerd and won't let jewelers put diamonds on me. LOL. It would most definitely light my desire to look at flowers and pick out colors. Ha. But like I said...I'm a nerd.

    I really really hope my jeweler doesn't ask me to try on the engagement ring before Andrew proposes...I might refuse.
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    I was engaged once before, so I wore that ring for almost 6 months. Then we started shopping together for rings when FI and I decided we were going to get married.

    A friend and I went looking at rings for her, when she was close to getting engaged, but I refused to try anything on. A few weeks later, FI and I started looking. I was glad we got to experience it together.
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    Yea it was just one and it did feel awkward.  I keep thinking about the cameo ring to replace the one I lost last year on my right hand though.


  • lmwilberlmwilber member
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    I was engaged before, so I had that ring for a while. When BF and I started dating, we went to look at rings, and then a few months later he bought me a beatiful saphire ring with diamod side stones for Valentines Day. It was sized for my left ring finger because I was a bar tender at the time and I got sick of getting hit on and BF liked that it signigfied that I was 'taken.' (We were pretty young, don't judge.)
    I never thought of it as a jinx, but, it been eight years, so maybe I should have it resized :)
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  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
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    Once when BF and I were thinking about getting married before we finished school we went and looked at rings. We told the sales lady we were getting engaged and she only wanted to show up promise rings, I told her I didn't want a diamond she only showed us diamonds. It was not a happy experience.

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    The first time I tried on a diamond ring, FI and I were ring shopping together.

    Blame it on the BSC.  Lol.
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    I have to say.... when I wanted to go look at rings with my BF I wanted to have an idea what I wanted. I tend to be particular with my taste and I didn't see much in shops that I liked. So I went by myself to a number of shops so that I didn't torture him and it could be fun for both of us. I knew he wanted some guidance (since he mentioned it prior to my looking).

    Once I found a place that had styles I liked... and he brought it up... we went shopping to one store to try on a few rings. 

    So since I did not know what I wanted it gave me me time to play, think, try on, and get to a point where I could actually tell him what I liked :-) I'm glad I did b/c the things I thought I would like I didn't like on me. In my opinion- it's not a bad thing to do unless you are certain about what you are looking for. 
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    My BF and I have gone and looked at rings, and I tried one on. He wanted me to make sure I liked it, because I had just seen pictures of it, never in person. I love it, but it felt super awkward to try it on. My BF was encouraging me to try on other styles to see if I liked them, and I just wanted to get out. I especially hate trying them on in front of sales people, because I feel like they are so judgy...oh well.
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    I haven't tried them on in jewelry stores but I tried on a friend's ring this weekend and it felt awesome.  I wanted to snap a picture and send it to BF because it was exactly what I want :) .. then I asked about how much her FI paid for it and my hopes were down lol
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