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What are some of you opinions on a feet washing at the ceremony?  It is a humbling experience to wash someone's feet.  It shows dedication and how you are willing to serve one and another.
Do you think it would be odd to none Christians at a wedding?

Re: Feetwashing

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    I think it's a lovely thought, but a pain in actual practice. Think about it. You'll need to have chairs up there to sit down in. You'll have to take off shoes/socks and put them back on damp feet. You'll have to worry about splashing your dress. It will be long and potentially boring, so you'll need background music. It's just a logistical nightmare.
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    We do it once a year at church during Lent.  It can be a spiritual experience, but I agree that it is difficult logistically.

    Personally I'd be worried about splashing dots of water onto my dress and getting marks, set up with water and towels etc.  But if it's something important to you then go for it.  If you do it you might want to put a little blurb in the program (or have your officiant say something) explaining its significance since it will definitely be unorthodox.
  • This sounds very rude and mean but it is funny.

  • I wouldn't do it in a wedding dress...
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  • my cousin did it at his wedding and i thought it was totally weird but i'm not religious. they also had all kinds of sayings in their vows about obeying your husband and being submissive and I thought it was a bit offensive (the whole 'husband is the master' theme of the ceremony). Not to single out feet washing, I just thought it was weird. And it took an uncomfortably long time.
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