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So this was the hot topic on the radio this morning.  Anyone have a tatoo(s)?  Want to get one?

I only have one...a kitty cat.  I got it about 5 years ago.  I have been wanting to get a Stargazer Lily tattooed on my lower back for such a long time.  I want to incorporate DH's initials in the leaf somehow.  I just need to find a good tattoo artist because I don't want to get stuck with a not so great tattoo.
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Re: Tattoo's

  • I have one on my left ankle
    It says my sons name and birthday

    So it says
  • I have two - a tribal symbol on my lower back (yes, it's a tramp stamp) that I got when I was 18 and a Libra symbol on my ankle. I want to get another one on my rib cage - it's a celtic knot that means everlasting love. The reason for the rib is because of the story of Adam and Eve that Eve was made from the rib of Adam.
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  • I have a Mother Earth tattoo on my right shoulder blade.  I drew it and I love it!  I waited about 3 years after deciding I wanted to get it before I did it, just to be sure.  I'm going to get another tattoo soon of the tree of life on my back - just working on the details of how exactly I want it.  I also really want to get a tattoo on my foot to look like henna work, but haven't decided the exact details of that one yet either.

  • I don't have one but I want one. However, Jeremy would FREAK if I ever got one so I probably won't. However, my BIL has my sister's name tattooed across his left pec for his heart or whatever and he's about to get their son's footprints, name, and DOB tattooed on his side.
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    [QUOTE]I have three. A dolphin on the inside of my right ankle, a stargazer lily on my right hip/bikini area, and butterflies on my lower back. I want to get another one, flip flops against a palm tree, <strong>but I don't know of any decent tattoo places around us so I guess I'm waiting.</strong>
    Posted by lovethebeach16[/QUOTE]

    I got mine done at the Baltimore Tattoo Museum a few years ago and it came out AWESOME.  Josh Griffin was the artist, but they have a lot of really good artists there.  The price was really decent too.  I have a pretty large, custom color piece that was only $200.

  • I'd like one.  But I HATE needles.  Don't know if I could sit there with that buzzing for the time needed.
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  • I have one on my left hip bone, it's script writing that says "donne moi la verite" which is the end of a thoreau quote "rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth" in french. It's a favorite quote of mine, and I love french and speak french so it's just me. :) I didn't think I'd ever have the guts to get it, but I did. Don't think I'll get another one tho.
  • i have always wanted to get something small but could never decide on anything that i thought i would care enough about to get permanently printed on my body.  so i decided to do something with my children's names when I have them.

    but gerren is getting roman numerals of our wedding date tattooed on his ring finger because he cannot wear his ring at work.  so i think i am going to get the roman numerals tattooed really small on my ankle.  really really small.  i also hate needles.
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    I have 2 and DH has 4.
    I have the jesus fish symbol on the top of my left foot and on my right shoulder blade I have 2 pink hawaiin flowers around the chinese symbol for HOPE (it's the right symbol too, I have a friend whose fluent in chinese who verified for me).

    The guy my FIL goes to gave DH a wedding gift, free tattoo of whatever DH wants and however big!  I'm so jealous! 

    Next Dec for my Dad's 10 yr anniversary of him being gone I'm going to get on my left shoulder blade wings with a heart in the center with a banner across the heart with my Dad's initals and the date he passed away.  Whenever, and it better not be for a loooong time, but whenever my Mom does pass away I'll have another banner added on the heart with her initals and the date as well.  I've had this idea for the past 4 yrs, but wanted to wait for the 10yr mark to make it more special.

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  • Lovesthebeach, I am so jealous of your lily!

    DH has my name tattooed on him.  He also has his dad's old Marine picture tattooed on his right arm, that tattoo looks awesome and he always gets compliments on it.  He also wants to get our wedding date.   I too will get our children's names tattooed when the time comes.  I also HATE needles, but mustered up the courage for my kitty....the booze helped, although it's not recommended.
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_september-2010-weddings_tattoos-1?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:594Discussion:ee0cf844-a63e-4d3a-b97e-25ce04f40b68Post:e5206fe7-6fff-421e-8382-7c005ab17a47">Re: Tattoo's</a>:
    [QUOTE] but gerren is getting roman numerals of our wedding date tattooed on his ring finger because he cannot wear his ring at work.  so i think i am going to get the roman numerals tattooed really small on my ankle.  really really small.  i also hate needles.
    Posted by shauni27[/QUOTE]

    <div>I love this!</div>
  • I have 3, but have gone 4 times (added on to one).

    A tramp stamp yin-yang on my lower back right side.  Added on some sun rays later on. 

    Another tramp stamp moon and stars on my lower back, left side.

    And a pair of cherries on my bikini area.  Want to add DHs initials around them, but he is adamant that I don't.  He says bad juju.

    I would like to get some chinese letters going up (or down) my side (from hip to underarm), but haven't found any word I want there for life, so who knows.  Somedays, I think I want full sleeves, or something sic like Eve's claws on her bewbs, but then reality reminds me I'm almost 35 and that's just not done at my age :p


  • LiaDee- I love your one inf french!

    I have 5:
    tribal/floral type thing (sounds typical but I drew it) on the whole of my lower back

    sanskrit for "watched over" for my stepdad who died on my lower back

    "invincible summer" on left hip from "in the depths of winter I finally learned that there was, within me, and invincible summer"

    "invictus" on the other hip for the poel with the same title

    japanese kanji on my bikini area meaning "purity"- lol oh to be 16 again....

    I'm getting one w/ H, 1 for DD and w/ with bff as her MOH gift
  • I have 5 so far, will probably get another 5 more before Im done.  DH has 2 so far & will get a few more before he's done too.  I regret 1 in regards to where I placed it (my left front shoulder & HATE a butterfly on my lower tummy but figure if I get my tummy tuck next year I can cut it off.  LOL
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  • I have a rose on my left ankle-it was drawn for me by an awesome artist many years ago. My middle name is Rose and everyone from school (about 8th grade on) calls me Rose.  I love love love the tree of life and Gerren's ring finger tatoos!  I also love your's Lia!!!  Too cool!  So many awesome tatoos mentioned, it's making me rethink getting another...
    I tease Todd all the time about getting one on his ring finger because he can't wear his ring at work either!
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  • I have 3
    On my right leg I have my memory tattoo of the baby I lost which is the pregnancy and infant loss awareness ribbon with angel wings that says My Angel 5-3-07 (the date I lost the baby)
    I have 2 small cherries on my lower left ankle
    and my zodiac sign for cancer on my inner right wrist

    I plan to get more, I'm going to have vines and my grandparents and parents birth flowers coming off my zodiac sign and going up my arm, just gotta get the cash to finish it.

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  • Toby has 4.

    I have 2 that I want. A anchor for my little brother who's in the navy

    and then I want this one for my daughter and I!

  • I have one - it hurt like hell - lion's head (since I'm a leo) on lower right hand side of back. I forget it's there sometimes. I have had this since I was 19 and it's never faded or bled. I wish I would have gotten something smaller, although at times I wonder if I should get the body of the lion to go with it Then again I don't want it to look gross when I'm wrinkly and old. DH has one, left bicep of USMC anchor, eagle and globe. He paid a friend in beer to get this done when he was in the Marines.
  • I have one - it is a heart made out of puzzle pieces wtih sort of a flame design behind it.  It is on my right side (love handle area).  I got it b/c as a kid growing up (and still now actually, haha) my mom always says "love you to pieces" and I would respond "like a puzzle"
  • I have a large magnolia on my shoulder and my fiance and I are planning on getting matching tattoos - the date of our wedding in roman numerals on our 'honeymoon' - we can't afford to go somewhere fancy, so we're going to Disneyland and getting matching tattoos!! :)
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