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Mink Artistry disaster

We contracted with Mink Artistry for hair and make up for nine for a recent wedding.  We had paid 100% up front and was told time and time again that there would be a makeup artist and assistant and two hair stylists.  Katie was an hour late and brought one  makeup artist.  Due to the tardiness and the lack of adequate help, the entire process ran two hours late which made it impossible to go to a locatoion and have photographs taken.   We will have very few due to the unprofessionalism of  Katie.  The limo driver waited the entire time outside  and our vendors spent the afternoon trying to recoordinate the event.   The bride hated the hair and left the veil on all evening.  Needless to say, a lot of money and time was waisted due to this.  Not only does she not communicate with clients she makes escuses for her behavior.  Absolutely a terrible experience on this most important day for the bride.   

Re: Mink Artistry disaster

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    On no! How awful!!
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    Thanks for the heads up!

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