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MOH not excited?

So my matron of honor is of course my sister. She is two years older than me and has been married for 5 years (and of course I was her maid of honor-at 16 i might add) Now that I am getting married, it seems like my sister is just not interested in putting forth the effort to make this special for me. Her husband's brother is getting married for the second time and she is the MOH for that wedding which is only 7 weeks before mine. She has been way more active in that wedding and making time for the other bride that I feel neglected I guess. I don't want to be selfish, it just seems like my sister should be more into my wedding than into the other one. Am I wrong? Is there something I can do to help get her interested?

Re: MOH not excited?

  • My MOH is my 30 year old sister who was married and divorced and she just isn't into planning either. She wasn't even excited when I asked her.
    May 21st,2011
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  • I would give her until that wedding is over.  I'm sure that bride has a lot going on towards the end as I'm sure you would be too come March/April of next year.  My  sister is just a BM, but isn't excited either.  She keeps talking about her "supposed" wedding when she isn't even engaged yet.  If she does help me with any planning she just comes up with ideas that are obviously not to my taste, but to hers.  Or she'll make comments about how for "her wedding" she would do this and that differently.

    Like many have mentioned before, no one is going to get excited as much as we are (we meaning the brides).  Plus, it is still 10 months away and most people don't get too excited for other's people's weddings until its 2 months before.

    Have you asked her about wedding stuff and her opinion?  Some people need a nudge because not everyone wants other people involved in their wedding plans.  From experience, some people I knew really didn't want any input.  They just want it the way they want it and weren't too thrilled about any suggestions.
  • Dont worry about it Mac...my MOH doesn't even talk to me (FI's sister I might add) so I replaced her with my brother who at least has an excuse not to care...he's a guy.  I've already decided that no one is going to be excited as I am about my wedding.

    I wouldn't sweat it if your sister doesnt seem to care....its your wedding and that's all that matters. I think that as it gets closer people will start being more inquisitive...but until then its not really something anyone but you is gonna think about.

    We're all in the same boat. So hang in there and dont let it bother you!
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  • I agree about don't let it bother you like hunterjumper321 said.  My older sister is my MOH too, she got married in March, and she's 22.  She doesn't ever really ask to do anything - which is fine - but when I went to try on my dress with my mom and grandma, she told me mom she was bummed because she wanted to go but she never mentioned ANYTHING to me.  Maybe she's just keepin it quiet?  I would give her until after this wedding too.  It's not fun, but like hunterjumper said - "We're all in the same boat.  So hang in there and don't let it bother you!"

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  • That is exactly why I did not pick my sister as my MOH. She doesn't care, she didn't even go dress shopping with me and has not even asked to see my dress. Maybe you should talk to her and If she is not interested then ask your best friend to be your MOH.
  • This are all very sad stories :( My MOH just had her second baby, so of course we have been talking baby stuff! And I respected that... but now it's wedding stuff and she is on the ball!

    My sisters are MIA for everything too, and they are bridesmaids. My FSIL is more active with wedding chat. Oh well.

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