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Keeping my dress safe?

Ok, so lately I've been worried about the stupidest wedding details. Here's my latest:

How on earth do you get dressed at home, then get the dress out the front door, across the driveway to the limo, and out of the limo to the ceremony site without getting it dirty? Do I need like 20 people to help me carry it? I don't have any bridesmaids so I suddenly realized I may have to call in some family to help with this.

Any advice?
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Re: Keeping my dress safe?

  • You can get dressed at home for the "getting ready" pictures if that's what your family wants, then take it off for travelling? or does it take too long to get into? My dress has a zipper, not a corset, so it is super fast to get in and out of.... check to see why your family is so adament that you get ready at home.  Also, unless your dress is enormous, I wouldn't worry about it... I plan on just hiking it up to my knees:P haha...
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  • Omg.. I've been worrying about the same thing!
    My family thinks I'm being paranoid.. because I like to think about every single detail ... and think of all the scenarios "just in case"

    Luckily, I'm getting my hair/makeup done at home.. and from there, it's straight to the venue where we're having the ceremony and dinner.

    I'm having a traditional 3 day Pakistani wedding... so my concern for my dress is on the 3rd (reception) day.. I'm getting dressed at the place I'm getting my hair/makeup done.. from there we're going to an outdoor location for pictures. I'm SO worried about my dress! Add in the fact that it's totally traditional and probably weighs double of me.... sigh!

    Hope you manage to keep yours safe! :)  I like the sheet idea
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