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New Hampshire

Long Distance

Hey ladies! So I am planning my July 10 wedding in New Hampshire from Florida where I currently live! It hasn't been too bad so far because I have dealt with most of my vendors via email and my mom has been meeting with them when necessary. I am going to be in the area for a week in January and I am stressing because I basically have to meet with all of my vendors and get all of the things done in that one week that I can't do over e-mail or phone. I am going to be going bridesmaids dress shopping, meeting with the photographer, tasting for the menu, and looking at flowers.

This is the only trip home that I am going to be making besides an over-night trip for my first dress fitting when it comes in. I am super stressed but I hope I can get it done.

Do any of you ladies have any tips for attacking all of these meetings in one week? Also, anything that I NEED to get done in person that might not be obvious?

Thanks so much laides!!! :)
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Re: Long Distance

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    I would sit down and write out a list of all the things that need to get done while you're in town.  Then prioritize that list and spread the things out during a few days over the week.  Try to group things that are located near each other or are the same type of thing together.
    The only other things I can think of would be a cake tasting and meeting with  your DJ.
    You should be able to get this all done with time to spare, IMO.  Hope that helps!  Good luck!
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    Try to pick a central location to meet your vendors if possible. Can you sit at a Starbucks and have a few come to you? This might prevent you from driving all over the state to meet with vendors.
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