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Sunday night

Hey girls anyone around?
I am on the computer trying to find my H a cute/creative gift from Lexy Lu. (ideas anyone???)
I am also drinking amazing cranberry wine that I got at a craft fair today.
Tell me something new/exciting going on w/you, what are you asking Santa for this year?
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Re: Sunday night

  • We did our family Christmas pictures today. The cats did relatively well, considering they are cats and were scared. Herc peed in his carrier while it was on my lap on the way home. It was awesome. Other than that we're just cleaning tonight and hanging out.

    I didn't really ask for anything exciting for Christmas. Da Hubz wanted tickets to a pro basketball game. He wants to go to one of the really good teams, which means some serious cash. Both of our parents and siblings are helping out so I can afford it. I'm more excited to give him that than I am to get anything!
  • hello! 

    Not to much exciting here.  

    H and I are getting a Nikon one camera from my parents for Christmas. Very excited! It seems to be a pretty nice upgrade from a point and shoot but not as bulky/ expensive/ nice as a big fancy camera.  We actually ordered it already and it should get here tomorrow! yay.

    Oh and I should be getting a Kindle Paperwhite tomorrow yipppeee! lol.

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  • Hii Masey!!
    Maybe you could make him a gift from Alexa! Like an ornament or something, with her handprint or feet print? Just an idea! 

    We didn't ask for much for Christmas, there's not much we need. DH&I aren't getting each other gifts, we're saving up money to buy a new tv. 

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  • Hey Masey!

    Now I want cranberry flavored wine.
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