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so confused!

i am so confused! i have only been to 2 weddings before and they were almost 10 yrs ago, so i barely remember anything... so my question is, how do we know when its time for everything? like when to start the ceremony, when to cut the cake, when do we do our first dance, and so on and so forth.. do i need to hire a wedding coordinator?Undecided

thanks in advance!

Re: so confused!

  • Do you have a reception place? Are you going to get married at the venue or at a place of worship?

    Also, your officient can help you with timing~

    What else...first dance is usually right after your entrance. Cutting the cake is right at the end of dinner, before dancing . It is all up to you.

    You probably don't need a coordinator. You need to know the reception timing and where you actually will be getting married.

    Hope that helps
  • I really liked having a DOC.  She came with the venue - I don't think I would've hired one otherwise.  It was quite helpful to have someone very knowledgeable to help with the processional and ceremony type of stuff.

    For the reception, I kind of just winged it.  I did the first dance, father daughter dance, and cut the cake at the beginning of the reception.  That way H and I were "off the clock" for the remainder of the reception.  I didn't have to worry about how much time was left with the photographer, and the cake was cut and ready to eat right after dinner.
  • Some venues have a DOC kind of built-in. Mine does which is great, she's worked with all my vendors and I'm very confident things will run smoothly.

    Your DJ (if you have one) will also help with the flow of everything. Make sure you go  over those details with them before the wedding.
    June 16, 2012
  • When we met with the DJ, he helped us with everything involving our introductions and time line. We also went over our time line that we put together with the DJ with our coordinator at our 10 day to event meeting at the venue.
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  • If you are having a wedding in a place of worship, they will be very familier with everything able to answer any and all of your questions, our priest even gave us his cell phone number!!!  If you are having your reception at a venue that often does weddings they wil be able to help you also and you will want to sit with them and set up a timeline.  

    I don't think a wedding coordinator is at all necessary but if you are having an elaborate wedding or reception or are having a wedding or reception in a place where you have to set everything up like chairs and centerpeices and place cards and such you will want a DOC (day of coordinator) to help with the finishing touches so you and your family can enjoy your day without the worry fo all the little details.

    Otherwise your place of worship will be able to help you with the order of the bridal party when entering, the wording or readings in your ceremony and everything else!

    Best of Luck
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  • Our DJ (MC) has a four page document we have to fill out, and a time line is part of it. He will definitely help our reception run more smoothly. 
    Your ceremony will depend on whether you're getting married at a Church (place of worship) or at the venue. You'll have to agree on a start time and take into account time for pictures and travel. 
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  • CEREMONY START:  If you are having a traditional church wedding, the timing is controlled by the organist.  He or she will watch for your mother to be seated, and that's her cue to stop the prelude music and begin the processional music.  The organist watches for your MOH to come down the aisle, turn at the front row, and take her place - which is the organist's cue to begin the bridal march music.  Etc.

    FIRST DANCE and CAKE CUTTING:  Your reception timing is controlled by the band leader if you have a live band or by your DJ if you are having a music service.  That person knows how to introduce the wedding party, how to call for the first dance, etc.
  • Your wedding vendors should be able to help you with creating a day-of timeline.  Also, as other posters mentioned, your venue might also include a DOC.  Mine did, but TBH, most of the timeline planning was done between our photographer and DJ, and we just let our DOC know the plan.
  • Thank you everyone for all the replys! it each one honestly helped, i feel a lot less stressed out about this issue now so thank you ladies!
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