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September 2010 Weddings

What Deodorant?

Which are you going to use for the wedding?

Re: What Deodorant?

  • I'm going to buy Secret Clinical Strength.  I am a major "sweater", and I'm not going to take any chances!
  • I use what music uses every day! I am constantly worried about pit stains and stuff and they creep me out! This stuff rocks :-)
  • Same as PP.  I haven't tried it yet, will start in August.  I get hella hot too and my dress is heavy!  I'm a bit worried.


  • Or I might try Certain Dry.  I've heard good things about that too.  Maybe I'll do a "sweat test" with them both :)


  • I currently use Degree, and it's pretty good, but I think Secret Clinical will be better for the wedding IMO.
  • I use Ban. Love it!
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  •  I use a prescription deoderant called Drysol and plan to use the same for the wedding.  I put it on before bed, and then use the Ban Clinical Strength in the morning after I shower.  I personally find the Ban CS is better than Secret CS but everyone's body is different. 

    Also, CertainDr, is an OTC deoderant that is pretty super too -but you have to use that at night too or else you will go through the roof if you try to use after you shower/shave armpits....  burns pretty bad.  Learned the hard way one morning :)
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  • Ditto the Drysol at night and then I use dove in the morning... works great!
  • I am such a sweater. I have polish/ukranian in me. 'Nuff said. I can envision my great great great grandmother, running around her little farm, sweating like a piggy. That's me.

    I'm thinking Clinical Strength, too. Need to try it out. I'm usually a DOVE gal.
  • I'm thinking I will use Certain Dry.  I have some at home, although I don't use it too much, since it stings.

    I saw in a bridal hair magazine that you can put some deodorant on your face too.  Has anyone ever done this?  I kind of want to try, since my face sweats a lot, but I also don't want to be all broken out.
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  • Nothing better than Secret Clinical!!!!  I told my friend who has an issue with underarm odor (not to gross) and perspiration and she used it and said it was the BEST advise she got for the entire wedding!  LOL  Seriously, I use it and only have to use it every other day because it's so good!
    It is a miracle!
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  • I've used Secret Clinical ever since I had to go to Florida in the summer to work on-property and wear black suits outdoors. Fug that.
  • LOVE Secret Clinical!  It's the best and I'll def be using it too!
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  • Mitchum Women's, probably
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  • well, i generally use the secret clinic strength because it works like a charm (i sweat like a boy) BUT it is really pricey for a deodorant.  so 99% of the time i wear gerren's old spice, which works swell, and is in a bigger container and therefore lasts longer.  and it's cheaper, so i don't mind using it more.  i save mine for special occasions haha.
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    I have sensitive under arms and they break out frequently after shaving and using deodorant, so I'm sticking with my Dove sensitive skin and hope they aren't all broken out.  I will also be shaving a day before not the day of because of the itchyness I get
  • God, I hadn't even thought of this.  I might try to find one of the extra strength deodorants in a tester size... I'm not an awful sweater most of the time.
  • I never thought of this and just intended to use my usual stuff.. I might invest in the Secret stuff though. I sweat like a mofo (thanks for the genes, Dad).
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  • I'll probably go with a Clinical Strength, I don't want to be sweating and feeling gross at the wedding :)
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    Don't laugh.  I wear all natural deodorant.  No antiperspirant. that stuff makes my pits turn black. So I will be sticking with my tree hugger mix for the wedding.  :)
  • I'm late to this, but I've been using that Dove Smooth Effects stuff, which is supposed to make your underarms smoother and reduce the look of stubble.  It's been working really well, actually, and I love the smell.

    I've used Secret Clinical Strength in the past - it burned/itched pretty bad if I put it on after shaving, so I started shaving at night.  It did help over the stuff I had been using (Ban roll-on), but I haven't been having as much of a sweating issue as I used to.  My face, on the other hand...ridiculous.
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  • I assume the Secret CS is over the counter??
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