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Monday Accountability - Back on the wagon

SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

I am officially getting my butt back in gear. My wedding is in a little over 5 months and I really need to buckle down. 

B: Banana, my egg salad 
S: Apple
L: Healthy Choice Beef Merlot
S: Popcorn
D: Cajun shrimp over pasta (thanks, Bri!)

A: Back to the gym tonight! 1 hour on the elliptical and weights

Edited: Changed my dinner

Re: Monday Accountability - Back on the wagon

  • I ate awful most of the weekend and on Thanksgiving. It was all yummy but I over ate and feel blah.  I can't let the holidays distract me from good eating either.
    B- hot chocolate, oatmeal with blue berries
    L- broccoli and vegetable soup
    D- tofu and quinoa
    S- wine, may be some doritos

    E- crunches and an Abs workout

    Yay Rdr 5 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I finally weighed myself, first time since my surgery a few weeks ago.  THANKFULLY I am only up a total of 3.5 lbs.  however, it's time to get back to work.

    B:  1 egg, 2 "whole-grain" eggos (ha), 1.5 tsp whipped butter (310)
    S:  apple (100)
    L:  3 oz pork roast, grilled broccoli, 1 c. tomato bisque (300)
    S:  clementine (60)
    D:  2 skinless grilled chicken wings, 3/4 c. Green Giant frozen veg medley (215) -- need something else here, but we don't have much food in the house!

    E:  cleaning the house up, grocery shopping...  gotta get all my stuff done because it's back to the office tomorrow.  I'll miss working from home!
  • B: 1 pop tart
    S: hot chocolate
    L and D: no idea.  There is no food in our apartment so I couldn't pack a lunch.  Lunch will be out and grocery shopping tonight.

    Aside from the holiday, I haven't been eating too terribly for the past few weeks.  I really need to get motivated and start hitting the gym more regularly. 
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  • I did very well this weekend! Down another lb. Only 2.6 to go to goal.

    B: Coffee with skim milk and a yogurt
    L: Homemade chicken marsala with spaghetti squash
    D: Homemade beef stroganoff and wine.

    E: None, still trying to get rid of my cough.


  • I only did bad Thursday and Friday, Saturday was okay and yesterday I ate super healthy but, I need to eat healthy this week and exercise so I don't feel as guilty in Las Vegas this weekend.

    B: Toast with peanut butter, banana
    S: Larabar
    L: Turkey sandwich with pop chips
    D: Omlette with onions, tomatoes, peppers and light cheese

    E: None, school until 7:45 tonight then I still have to eat dinner and finish some homework after that

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  • I need to get focused! 27 days until my vacation. I'm going to start doing the 30 day shred again, it's been a month or so.

    B: dry frosties (120)
    S: granola yogurt bar (150)
    L: turkey & gravy sandwich (? probably about 400)
    D: stir-fry turkey (400)
    S: cadbury chocolate fingers (100)

    I didn't weigh in last night but I'll check tonight.

  • B- egg and cheese on an English muffin
    L- veggie dumplings and tomato basil soup
    D- turkey, green beans, and mashed potatoes
    Not really snacking so much between meals these days because of nerves...blah.  For E, I'm going to try my new barre workout DVD and I'm super pumped!
  • I lost two pounds during my Thanksgiving vacation. I'm pretty surprised, even though I stayed under my calories and such. I thought for sure the sodium would get me since we ate out a LOT.

    B: Scrambled egg with cheese and sausage
    S: Almonds
    L: Tuna sandwich on rye, grapes
    S: Cheese sticks
    D: TBD - we're going shopping after work. It'll probably be soup.

    E: Walked a mile during lunch, and I'm doing Turbo Jam tonight. I want to test my new HRM.
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