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I'm really excited, and wanted to get all my girls together so they could meet, and kind of get to know each other, you think it's too soon to have them start atleast looking at dress styles? 3 of my 5 girls were excited about meeting, but not too sure about the other 2, considering the one asked why the hell does she want us to get together and meet in Jenurary it's still almost 2 years away!?!

At around what time should we start doing engagement photos? I'm just too excited at don't know where to start!! HELP!!

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Re: HELP!!

  • hi!
    I would think that it might be too early to start looking at dresses.
    but what if you had like a girls wine night and had a bunch of catalogs and then they could just go through the picture and talk about what they like and stuff.. .and see if there are certain styles.

    I would think 6 months out is an appropiate time to start looking at dreses.
    I know it is hard, becuase i am in the same situation.

    I want to start looking at stuff and doing wedding dIY and looking at dresses- but it just seems too early to start (styles change colors change etc)...
    So I have been just cutting things out of mags and preparing. the only thing we have done is booked our site.

    Engagement photos are up to you. Maybe you want them in a particular season?
    My friend (and bridesmaid) is getting married in July 2012 and she is doing ice skating pics in January---
    because she thinks the January before the wedding is going to be too late.

    I kinda of want flal photos (since we are doing the summer wedding) so I am going to do them next year, early October.

    If you want summer photos, I suggest doing them summer 2011 so its not too close to the wedding.

    Your timeline is really up to you.

    Also, about hte bridesmaids. I have chosen mine too already. The one thing on the "maids and moms" board is that people say they chose them too soon.
    I think looking at dresses might be hasty. Because as much as I am on the one on the board being liek "I KNOW MY RELATIONSHIP WITH THESE GIRLS, IT WONT CHANGE" the fact is, that alreayd once of my bridesmaids is moving 2,000 miles away and is acting aprehensive about flying back for showers, dress fittings etc... and I think that I want to wait to look at dresses because things change. Not just styles of dresses etc, but relationshps with people.

    I am not saying that the girls you chose wont be your bridesmaids, and I dont feel like that either- I love them all, But in 2 years someone could be married with kids and living across the coutnry and not be able to come. Or someone could be pregnant and she alreayd ordered her dress...etc
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  • Thank you for the advice and input! It's just too hard not to be excited, and start looking at things.
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  • Thats Def true
    I just keep checking on martha stewart weddings, the knot, and DIY blogs for ideas..
    there are so many!
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    I agree with i2012do. I have picked mine as well, to tell you the truth I keep changing my mind on everything and I feel that they would as well too if we look too early. I am focusing right now on finding a hall and setting the date with the church. I have also thought about some reception ideas. Here is a great website if you are like me and like to make things This is great if you are looking to add a little extra to your wedding without speding the big bucks on a event planner

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  • Personally I've already started looking at dress styles for my BM's.  I will however not expect them to purchase anything until it gets way closer, but it always fun to look and I know my BM's are excited to try dresses on when we are all home for Christmas break! :) So, I don't think there is anything wrong with you wanting to look at dresses and as far as getting the girls together, just call it a girls day with your closest friends aka BM's.  That shouldn't be a big deal..

    Alsom as for engagement pictures I will be doing mine over the summer of 2011.  I didn't want to do them too soon since I want to use them on my STD's.  :)

    Hope this helps. 

    One more thing... My bridesmaids are girls that I have known since elementary school and we still keep in super close tough while away at school.  I decided not to choose any recent college friends in case the friendship changes by then. So, hopefully you also know your girls well enough that nothing will change between now and then. So, on the safe side, don't have them purchase anything yet and don't purchase anything for them from yourself yet either! :]]
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  • Thanks for the imput! I'm close with all my girls, one I've been friends with since freshmen year of high school, 2 are cousins, one is my Fiance's sister, and another is a girl I became great friends with at work and out of work, can't see my friendship changing with any of them. I def. wouldn't have them buy anything until it was time, just wanted them to meet and get to know each other, and hear what styles they like so when it does come time I'll know.

    We decided that we wanted to do the engagement photos in the summer or early fall 2011 so we can do them outside and not freeze our butts off! Just have to find a decent price photographer, not easy to do!

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  • Good advice! I'm in the same boat- we have tentative plans for an august 2012 wedding and I'm super excited to get the ball rolling and start doing things NOW! I have my bridesmaids in mind, but I'm questioning two (one is moving far away and has a 1 year old so she's super busy and the other is my FI's sibling who I'm not that close with). So, my advice is to ask the girls who you KNOW will always be by your side and hold off mentioning anything to the other girls who you are questioning. I would wait with the dresses too, but it wouldn't hurt to have ideas. I got a wedding planning binder and I've started tearing out ideas from magazines and keeping them there. Good luck! :)
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