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Guys formal wear???

I got a great coupon in the mail today for the guy's tuxes, when should I go in and figure out the colors with the store?  Also, who generally orders tux's besides groom and groomsmen?  I was thinking my dad, my brother (who's playing music for the ceremony), and our two ushers?  The ring bearers are going to just wear pants and a white button down top so it's easier since they are both toddlers and grow so fast.

ETA: Neither of my fiance's parents are with us anymore or they would have been included.
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Re: Guys formal wear???

  • I think you have a good list. we intend to have the groomsmen and our dads in tuxes. As for when you can go, go whenever you want. You could also call the store and see when they would recommend coming in.


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