Bridesmaids Dresses from Pearl's Place

Hey Ladies, I was thinking about having my girls order their bridesmaids dresses from Pearl's Place in Louisiana. I was wondering has anyone ordered from them before. What is their process. Can each of the girls call in with their measurements and payment individually. And then when everyone has paid the order can be done? TIA

Re: Bridesmaids Dresses from Pearl's Place

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    I personally have not ordered from them, but I know a lot of girls on here (I don't see a lot of them anymore) have. Every girl just sends in their measurements and they all pay individually (shipping is $12 each). After everyone pays, then the order will be processed. I have heard that they have really fast shipping. I have not heard anything bad about PP from any of the girls on here that used them. HTH.
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    Thanks so much,  yes that really does help.
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    I ordered all of my bridesmaids dresses from Pearl's Place! They were half the price they wanted in the bridal salon, so it was truly a deal. We chose to have my mother pay for all the dresses in bulk and the girls paid my mom - saves on shipping! The dresses arrived 1 month early and were in perfect condition! I highly highly recommend them!
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    I ordered my BM dresses from there and they were GREAT to work with and saved the girls so much money.  I highly reccomend them to everyone! 
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    I'm ordering my BMs dresses from there.  It is saving each of them 40 dollars per dress so definitely worth it (and shipping is only 12 dollars for all four dresses)!
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