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When to dress shop?

I haven't started looking...I thought I'd wait until November.  Is that too late?  Does everyone have their dresses yet?  Was it pretty quick to find "the one"?  Do alterations take long?  I figure that will give me about 3 1/2 months from the time I go and pick one out until it's ready...is that realistic?  Or am I being too relaxed about it?

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Re: When to dress shop?

  • If you're ordering your dress, you should do it ASAP. It can take a good 6-8 months. If you're planning on just buying off the rack, you only need to plan for the alterations time which is about 6 weeks or so. So it really all depends on what you're getting.

    I got mine in March. I started trying on dresses last summer (we got engaged last May). I found some I really like but never got that "feeling". I was looking for particular types of dresses and ended up getting something totally different! I thought I wanted a halter or v-neck style, and I hated pickups. Well, turns out I love the strapless sweetheart dress with pickups that I got! I did get that "feeling" but I wasn't expecting to because a lot of people don't.
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  • Like jennipea said, you usually order a dress about 6-8 months in advanced. I started looking and trying on dresses in January of last year and found my dress last July. I got it from David's Bridal, so it came in pretty quickly and I have been storing it in our office closet since then. I tried it on this past Saturday to make sure it went well with all the accessories that I have bought since last year, and to make sure it still fit just right.

    I also ended up going for a style I didn't expect. I started out wanting a satin dress with symmetrical pick-ups (like Belle from Beauty and the Beast). Then I wanted an organza or chiffon trumpet style dress, but I fell in love with an all-over lace A-line with beading detail on the front and back. I also was not going to wear a veil, but fell in love with one that complemented my dress perfectly. You definetly have to expect the unexpected when you start trying on wedding dresses.
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  • Yea I agree with the others, I'd atleast start looking :-) I ordered mine about 2 weeks ago and it only took a week at Davids Bridal to come in. They do alterations are 12, 6, and 2 weeks out.
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  • I also agree with the PPs, definitely start searching now! I didn't get my dress at David's but it sounds like their dresses come in pretty quick so thats a good place to look. I got my dress during a Pronovias trunk show in March and they told me it would be about 7-8 months but it came in 3 months so you just never know! I think part of the reason mine came in so quick is because I was the sample size so they make more of those and it was on their new line so production is usually quicker because of that. I ended up going with the design (lace + tulle) that I wanted, but the style of dress ended up being a totally different shape than I thought I'd like. Just some things to think about...

    Also I've been told that end of August or early September is the deadline for ordering BM dresses. You can order after that but you may have to pay a rush fee and some designers don't even allow rush orders. My BMs' dresses should come in by the third week of November (they are putting the order in this week), which gives the girls time to get fitted before the craziness of the holidays. The bridal salon is going to hold onto all of them for free with my dress until I pick them up the week of the wedding. Hope this helps! Good luck :)
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  • I am with you on this one. I don't have my dress. Have yet to go dress shopping. I know I have to get on it though.
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