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August 2010 Weddings

Engraving wedding bands?

Have you guys done this yet?  I think we want to engrave ours but we aren't sure what to write.  What did you guys write?  The wedding date? Your initials?  Something else?

Love some ideas!  THX!

Re: Engraving wedding bands?

  • we actually aren't engraving our wedding bands yet. we might do it after the wedding, but we havent decided
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  • We aren't engraving.  My band is actually a wrap/guard and has narrow bands so the font would be miniscule.  We weren't dying to do it anyway.
  • I did write a song wording that has meaning, H + J  8/6/10
  • FI's ring is being engraved now, for his we put JJC + DJC  8-14-10.  We are sending mind out in June, it needs to be sized and my e-ring re-rhodiumed, so we were going to do it all at once.  Mine will just have either out initials or the date.  My band is a wrap, so there isn't a lot of room.
  • FI's band has already been engraved and mine will be done soon. In both, we're using a line from our first dance song, In My Life -- "I love you more."
  • Ours are done.  FI always says it is "Forever and For Always" so We had "Forever" put in mine and "For Always" put in his.  My second choice wold have been to put "Deals a deal" or something funny
  • i'm surprising fi with 'roses are red' and mine says 'violets are blue'. it has special meaning for us.

  • ours is "his name AND my name  August 21, 2010"
  • I think I am going to do "Love is Patient" and FI's will be a surprise for me on the wedding day. IDk though because his wedding band is his grandfather's and I think it would be cool to reference his grandparent's amazing marriage. Also we decided that 1 Chorianthians is cliche, so I'm not sure if he will really like it for an engraving. Moral of the story is that I am second guessing myself.
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  • We aren't engraving. FI ring will be tungsten and can't be engraved
  • We're not engraving.  FI said that he would always be wearing the ring, so he would never see the engraving.  He said an engraving didn't make the rings any more special.  Darn him for being 'practical'!
  • Mine says "A deal's a deal" and his says "I'll find you" (it's an inside joke from wedding crashers)
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  • We aren't engraving ours.  I never really crossed my mind.... weird.
  • Not engraving.  We'll be wearing the bands, so nobody would see it anyways.  But I think everyone's sayings are super cute and clever!  You girls have some great ideas.
  • LittlinLittlin member
    Ours are both engraved with "Always".
  • aweilbaaweilba member
    We aren't engraving ours because mine is too skinny and I have no clue what to put in FI's ring.  My MOH suggested to put "Never to Fart," from License to Wed.  I thought it was pretty funny and FI would get a kick out of it, so if I can't think of anything else and really want to engrave it, that's an option.  If you're not familiar with this movie scene, the characters took their rings to be engraved and it was supposed to be "Never to Part," but the jeweler screwed up.  Such a funny movie!
  • We can't engrave mine because it's too narrow. I am having his engraved with a line from a movie that he has said to me since we first started dating. It's, "You said stay so I stayed" from Groundhog Day. It's a surprise for him. :)
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