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Color Scheme

Has everyone picked?  I have been undecided from the get-go and now I feel a little pressure.  I bought one of the vista print groupons and need to order some paper goods by Jan 2.  

I have these ideas:
Champagne, Ivory, Black
Champagne, Grey, Blush
Champagne, Grey, Black

I am stuck on class/neutral/romantic but lack creativity to put it all together.  Where's David Tutera when you need him....

S'mores. Just S'mores please.

Re: Color Scheme

  • I think all of those sound beautiful!! Very classy. I think the blush might be lovely for a pop of color, like white hydrangeas with light pink roses or peonies.
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  • I'm with you on wanting David Tutera, haha.  I'm addicted to watching his show on Netflix lately. As for your colors, I'm in love with the champagne/gray/blush.  I am not 100% decided, but the color palette we're leaning towards is champagne/blush/sage/ivory, so I definitely love the sort of soft, neutral, romantic, vintage-y type of colors.  I saw something recently that had blush and gray at a wedding and I absolutely loved it.  

    It might depend on your type of venue.  For instance, I like the idea of champagne/gray or ivory/black, but that would maybe look better at a more formal indoor wedding than outdoors, and is more formal-romantic than say, vintage-romantic.  That's just my take though.  What is your venue like?  Are you going for a formal, semi-formal or casual reception?
  • The ceremony and reception will be at the same place.  It's a country club.  The ceremony site is outdoors and is a garden with a large staircase, fountains and stones.  The reception area is in doors and is already decked out in off white and green paint/decor.  The lighting on the ceiling, door handles and chairs for the dinner are all gold.  I am going for the same idea as you - that romantic "great expectations" type of vibe.  Just soft in general but I feel like there should be a contrast that is consistent instead of brown somewhere and black elsewhere with grey because I like it.  It will be fairly formal but not black tie.  Its an evening reception.  

    Thanks for the help ladies!   
    S'mores. Just S'mores please.
  • It sounds like champagne/ivory/black would be beautiful in that venue setting.  I was looking around online last night for some inspiration and stumbled across an inspiration board that made me think of this post.  I was going to come post the picture here but realized it's on my iPad which is at home, so I'll have to come post it later.  It was champagne/black/blush though, which I know isn't one of your suggestions, but since you're looking for soft, romantic colors, I thought it was a pretty combination!  I'll post the picture later, but wanted to reply. :)
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