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So last night I had a series of nightmares. I was with a group of people that kept growing bigger and bigger; terrorists wanted to blow up the building we were in and actor Nathan Fillion led us out to safety and over a construction site in a former railroad depot and I kept running to safety until I had run over the third rail until I couldn't cross back (no idea how this would work)... All our friends in the basement blew up but we were ok... All in my group were pissed at me and didn't speak to me as I tried to get to safety because they thought I was trying to be the center of attention... 

I am tired of being a bride-to-be!
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Re: Nightmares

  • I feel ya. I stayed in bed the past two days with an ice pack on my neck. The nightmares and tension are creeping up. Two nights ago I had a dream this person from my past was chasing me and vowed to kill me and my dead brother was helping me escape. I also keep having visions of my dead grandfather....and it's probably because I miss this. But each dream starts as a nightmare of being hunted or possibly killed before they show up.
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  • i had zombie apocalypse nightmares a couple of weeks ago, but it wasnt involving my wedding at all. for the last 6 nights in a row i have slept like a baby.

    that will stop once we get to vegas: i never sleep well when im someplace that is not my home
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  • I keep having this recurring nightmare where I am at this concert and all these people are shooting up drugs next to me, and I can't get out.. and it's so uncomfortable!! I think my FI makes me watch intervention too much.. I hate that show!
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