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Hello All!!

So I was curious what everyones views are on this...

I am due to marry in December, the first party of december actually. I have not had a Bachelorette party or shower as of now..

In my party i have 5 girls 4 underage, and one of age plus myself of age.

1 member will have far away reletives in town this weekend and will not be joiing (hints the only other of age girl) 

I recieved via e-mail 2 wks ago that my bachelorette party would be 2 wks before the wedding. Details go dinner first including everyone!! after that the two youngest will be returned home.. the next sep will be the remaining myself and 2 underage will go to the LOCAL bar in town where everyone knows everyone and everything about you to do whatever. However, these to have NO money and work NO job so who will pay?? ME. Also they will not be able to dink their selves I will be ALONE! 

Is it me being selfish or rude or completely true when i say basically im upset with this.. I dont understand why anyone in the bachelorette party would A want to go somewhere LOCAL  like my town for instance when not ever a half hour away is a nice plce to do the same thing and B do something like that and make the bride pay?? 

I have asked to switch weekends and the one planning said absolutely not it fits her schedue so she is leaving it the same.. 

I am at my witts ends with all of this and am sad so say ready for my wedding to be over!!

Please answer to me truthfully I need some sort of pick me up in this situation. 

Re: Bachelorette Party

  • Decline. You should not be expected to pay for something they planned.
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    I am my sister's maid of honor (and only bridesmaid). My first thought when I agreed to take on this very honorable role is, "What does my sister want for her Bachelorette party and Bridal shower?" It never occured to me to make her pay for something, especially if it is something she doesn't want. I think that your bridesmaids are missing the point. The bachelorette party is for YOU not them. If they cannot afford to take you out to dinner or a bar, they should plan something else (and put some more thought into it). A slumber party, complete with DVD rental of Magic Mike sounds perfect!
    If they insist, I would most definitely decline (you are NOT being unreasonable). Good luck!
  • Don't. Do it you wont enjoy yourself.
  • Here's an idea "i would really like to do something that everyone can do so we can spend the whole evening together, what about a girls in?"

    My friends & I have all done girls nights in for the bachelorette party, and maybe because we're all in our 30's we enjoyed it more. But for mine everyone had to bring a snack & a bottle of wine (which of course you can skip), we watched magic mike, chatted & ate food

    I went to another one where the host make a light dinner & we sat around chatting

    Another bachelorette party, they got all the fixings for a make your own sundae bar and again sat around & just had a girls night in.

    Another idea is a snacks, movie & spa night. While watching chick flicks you can give yourself mani's & pedi's.

    Some of these ideas might fit into their budgets nicely and are things that everyone can do no matter what their age.

    Good luck & try not to let this take away from your special day.

  • So an update to all on progress.. 

    I have spoken with two of the ones that are "planning" this. I asked them about dinner and than just coming back and watching a movie of some sort ect..

    They already planned on us going to the bar so they really wants to go..(she is not 21 and can not drink /get in after 9)

    Now finding out these two never spoke with my other 2 bridesmaids about an of this and those are the two that CAn NOT come due to other afflictions now because now one could take the time to let them know what was going on for them to plan on being there.

    Then i find out that all of my AUNTS are invited out to the bar with us.. Come on now, this gets better and better. 

    Thanks everyone for your responses I have until friday to figure something out. at this point i really am considering """BEING SICK"""...
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