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Rock Ceremony - Vase / Container for Rocks

FI and I are doing a rock ceremony. We will have approximately 30 guests.

We already have our rocks collected for the ceremony. The only problem is that we aren't sure what to put them in. The wedding party will collect them during the ceremony, after the rings.

I don't know if we should have one person go up each side, or one person just go down one side and then up the other, collecting in one bin.

If anyone has done this before or if anyone can shed any light as to which would be best, that'd be appreciated!

Anyhow, we have no idea what to put the rocks in - collection or at the altar. Glass is obviously out of the question.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what we could put our rocks in? Or where we could look to maybe find something?
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Re: Rock Ceremony - Vase / Container for Rocks

  • We are doing something similar based on this
    We plan on having a pretty, heavy glass vase near the guest book with rocks, pens and the message from the above link. We will do the sand and pebbles at home and have it on our mantle.
    If you're doing it as part of the ceremony, make sure to let people know when they will be picked up, I'm a procrastinator and would hold up the ceremony because I waited too long to write my name! Could the wedding party (you and groom included) picked up the rocks? Or the ushers? I'm thinking a few people so it won't take as long. How about pretty cloth bags to put the rocks in?
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