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Rant: More BMD

So in more babymamadrama news: It's been over three months since FI was last allowed to see his daughter. Now BM has taken to loudly talking to anyone else about DD whenever FI is around (we all work in the same place so it's super fun). FI tries really hard to keep it together at work. It was really hard for him not to get to see his daughter for the holidays. When friends at work say things like "oh I saw your daughter the other day, she is just adorable" it kills him.

He cried again yesterday while we talked about everything. He told me he didn't know how he'd be able to handle any of this if he didn't have me by his side. He said I'm what's keeping him going. It makes me so sad to see him hurting. She is finally going to be served next week. She won't give him any personal information, not even her address, so she is going to be served at work. We are going to fight for full physical custody.

What I'm most upset about today is that BM's stupid bf is on fb acting like he's her father. He even has her listed on his page as his child. They are really just over there pretending that they're this perfect little family, and BM is just happy to rub it in FI's face.

He holds it together at work so that she doesn't know she's getting to him, but one day a couple weeks ago she came in shopping with the baby and wouldn't go anywhere near him to even let him see her while she showed her off to everyone else. He went to a backroom area and was talking to one of his friends about the whole situation and just broke down crying. They let him come home early because he just couldn't get it together. She's killing him inside and it makes me so angry, especially because she's doing it on purpose!

Please send us your KV and whatever positive energy you've got. This fight is going to be long and hard, but if FI and I can get through this, anything else we face in our marriage will seem like a cakewalk.
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Re: Rant: More BMD

  • I just don't understand some people.  She should be happy that the babys father wants to be in her life. Good luck with everything!!  Sending KV your way!!
  • So sorry you and FI are going through such a terrible time!  I hope the papers served to BM are a wake up call to either get her shiit together or risk losing DD forever!  Your FI seems like a good man who just wants to be in his daughter's life and it is so cruel what this biitch is doing to him!  Sending KV your way!
  • KV and prayers your way--- this is a crappy situation. Sometimes you can't escape dealing with people like this... I'm so sorry about all of this. I know it's cliche` but this will make him a stronger/ better father in the end :o)

    Datsyuks & Ferdy- We Go Together Like...

  • I totally agree with Ferdy...You'lll get through tis and he will be a stronger father in the end! Until then stay strong... KV your way!!!
  • I am so sorry about this Amanda :( At least you guys are taking the right steps to try and get FI some rights to see DD!!! Sending KV your way, hope everything goes well!
  • Aww... I feel so badly for your FI. That sounds like a horrible situation, and too bad that babysmama has to be such a horrible person.
    KV and everything else sent your and FI's way!
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